Metro’s wish: Not even marking yet, people asked by writing 4000 letters – tell us how much land will go

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The work of Line-1 of Surat Metro Project is started, but till now the land marking has not been done. Due to this, not only those people, whose lands will go to the project, as well as those people who are living near the route are also confused. Now people are giving applications to Municipal Corporation and Surat Metro Rail Corporation (SMRC) and asking how much land will go to us? Will it go or not? 30 to 40 such applications are coming every day. In the last three months, the Surat Metro administration has received about 2500 applications in the Suda Bhawan office.

Similarly, more than 1500 applications have come to the Municipality so far. A metro elevated route of 11 km is being built between Dream City to Kadarshah ki Naal, while 3 km underground route is being prepared from Chowk Bazar to Surat station. A total of 806 private properties are being affected in this, but people are confused due to non-marking of land. In this, the underground route of Surat Metro i.e. between Chowk Bazar to Surat station has 1400 buildings parallel to the route.

People say that till now the official marking has not been done by the metro officials, due to which we are not able to know how much land is going into it. The Surat Metro administration says that the file related to land acquisition has not yet been sent to the collector. Right now we are explaining to the people and preparing them to give the land.

People are asking but officials are not answering
Surat Metro Administration is getting 30 to 40 such applications every day in the Suda Bhawan office. Similarly, by applying to the Municipal Corporation, people are asking what is the real condition of their land. Most of the applications are such, in which people are confused and want to know how much land is going and whether it is going or not. Those affected by the Metro Administration, whose land is going to go into this project. He says that till now no information is being given to us by doing any kind of official marking.

Officials said – the process is going on now
A senior official of the Surat Metro Rail said that in the Surat Metro project, there is municipal land at many places and state government land at many places. Before writing a letter to the collector, the land has to be identified by the Municipal Corporation. This shows that there is no land in the TP plan or any other plan. The process of writing a letter to the collector is going on. Till now no letter has been sent in this regard. The people of the route are upset due to this lax attitude of the metro. They are not able to get their houses done or new construction done.

TBM to be launched in January for underground route
Preparations have been made to build a guide wall near Surat station for the first three km underground route from Chowk Bazar to Surat station of Metro Project Line-1. Now preparations are being made to launch the TBM machine here from January 2022. Officials of Surat Metro Rail Corporation (SMRC) said that this machine had come to Surat in several parts. It will move from 16 to 28 meters deep inside the ground, cutting the ground at a diameter of 6.5 meters. This will also make a layer of concrete.

Trying to know the situation since 6 months
The work on the Metro underground route is on the same road in front of our house behind Andrew Library in Chowk Bazar. We have been told that some part of our house will go, but how much we are trying to know for the last 6 months, but we are not telling. We are applying and asking how much of our house will go.
-Melvin Thomas, project affected

Metro officials did not talk in this regard for the last two months. When we ask their people about it on the site they say we don’t know how much your land is going. Now we are trying to clarify the situation of confusion by putting applications whether our land is going or not, if it is going then how much.
-Sabir, project affected

We had filed the application in May itself, in response to which the officials said that only the land acquisition officer will be able to tell this and at that time you will be given an opportunity to make your point. No marking done till now. Our land is destined to be known, but we are not telling how much. -Imran Patel, project affected

Whatever work is being done related to land acquisition, we will be able to give information only after talking to our higher officials. Work is going on to convince the people whose land is coming in the project. – Ankur Pathak, Spokesperson, Gujarat Metro Rail Corporation


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