‘Miraculous’ scan: Woman had gall bladder removed 2 years ago, showed it to be normal

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Question – How did the mistake happen in the investigation even 2 times?
CT scan running on PPD mode in SMS and ‘Miracle’ machine of MRI center is overshadowing the patients. In one such case, Sony Hospitals CT & MRI Center declared a patient’s gall bladder to be normal even though his gall bladder had been removed two years back. The report even states that there is no radio occult cell in Gall Bladder. When the report was shown to the doctor, the patient’s gall bladder was said to be normal. The patient said that the gall bladder had been removed two years ago.

On this the doctors got the test done again. When the patient got the test done at a private lab, the gall bladder was told ‘Not Seen’. In such a situation, the big question is whether the Sony Hospitals CT and MRI Center gave the report without examining the woman? The hospital administration has already alerted the Sony Center in such cases, but negligence or mistakes are continuing. However, no concrete action has ever been taken by SMS.

The doctor wrote ‘not scene’ in the test report of the private lab
Sapna, a 40-year-old woman, was examined by the doctor for blood and gall bladder. The woman got her gall bladder examined at Sony Hospitals CT and MRI Center located in SMS. In the investigation report it was written that the gall bladder is well distended and has smooth walls. That is, Gall Bladder is correct. When the woman showed the report to the doctor, questions were raised about the veracity of the report. On this, the woman said that the gall bladder has been operated in 2018 itself. It was tested again. On August 13, when the test was done in a private lab, it was told that the gall bladder was not seen. It is to be known that in the earlier report of 19 July 2018 also, Gall Bladder has been described as post-operative.

Mistake, negligence or complicity is not the first time that Sony Hospitals CT & MRI Center has come to the fore. So the question arises as to why this is done. It came to light that it takes up to Rs 800 to test a gall bladder. Did the hospital do this to save money?

I have said earlier also that the right work should be done by the consultant. In these cases the image of SMS gets spoiled. -Doctor. Achal Sharma, Superintendent, SMS

It shouldn’t be like this, still I will get the matter seen. Namit Soni, Administrator, Soni Hospitals CT & MRI Center

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