Modi will reach Uzbekistan today for SCO summit: Tension on LAC reduced, yet there is little hope of meeting Jinping – what is the reason

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will reach Uzbekistan today for the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) meeting. Heads of 8 countries including India, Russia, China and Pakistan will attend this meeting. There is suspense over the meeting between Modi and Chinese President Xi Jinping, despite the tension on the Line of Actual Control (LAC) between India and China.

The thing to note in this matter is that the question was asked twice in a week about the meeting of the spokespersons of the foreign ministries of both the countries, but no clear answer was received on both the occasions.

Why the suspense on this meeting

  • The soldiers of India and China were face to face for two years at point 15 of LAC. Now they have returned to their old positions. In other words, only two years later, the tension in this conflict-prone site has eased. For both the countries, it can be considered as a step towards peace.
  • Surprisingly, the Chinese state media is silent on this important development. The mouthpieces of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) such as the Global Times and People’s Daily are avoiding speaking and writing.
  • On the sidelines of the SCO summit of Modi and Jinping, the media there along with the Foreign Ministry of China have also remained silent. In the editorial of Global Times, Zhang Hong writes – The SCO Summit to be held in Samarkand is an opportunity for the leaders of 8 countries. They can build mutual trust. President Jinping is expected to meet Prime Minister Modi and Russian President Putin here.
  • In a column of People’s Daily there is mention of India-China confrontation, but he is silent on Modi-Jinping meeting in Samarkand. Yes, the meeting between Jinping and Putin is getting more attention.

Jinping’s eyes only on October

  • There is a meeting of the Chinese Communist Party (CPC) in October. It is believed that this will seal Jinping’s third term as President. Earlier, the retreat of the Chinese army in Ladakh is not a good sign for Jinping.
  • Some time ago ‘CNN’ had said in a documentary that Jinping’s trouble is that he is clashing with America on the issue of Taiwan and with India in Ladakh. Here also soldiers of India and America are doing combined military drill. In such a situation, Jinping wants to avoid getting stuck on two fronts.
  • Recently, the German government had clearly said that China is doing provocative acts in the Arunachal state of India. India has made strong counter-preparations, so Beijing should avoid worsening the situation.
  • In March, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi suddenly came to India. According to the English newspaper ‘The Hindu’, in the meeting with Wang Yi, India’s Foreign Minister S. Jaishankar had made it clear that China would have to normalize the situation on the border. Since then, Jinping started feeling that India was not going to back down. Now since he is going to get the third term, he does not want to create any new ruckus before that.
  • Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Mao Ning was questioned twice on Jinping’s third term in October and the Modi-Jinping meeting. His answer was – I cannot say anything about this at the moment. We want good relations with neighbours.
One major displeasure of China with India is that India is the only country in the SCO that opposes China's Belt and Road Initiative (BRI).  According to India, through this China is running an expansionist agenda.  (file)

suddenly changed plans
‘The Wall Street Journal’ wrote on 19 August – Jinping has asked his staff to prepare a plan to meet Modi at the SCO summit. The question is that if it was prepared earlier, then why is there suspense on the sudden meeting now? India’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Arindam Bagchi also did not clarify anything about the Modi-Jinping meeting.

Recently, a report in ‘Sky News’ said – It is very possible that in Samarkand, Putin, Modi and Jinping all three sit together and talk. Last month, India’s NSA Ajit Doval suddenly went to Moscow. This cannot be considered a general visit, something is happening under backdoor diplomacy.

Is China worried about India’s progress?
An article was published in Global Times on 8 September. This was the time when India overtook Britain to become the fifth largest economy in the world. China’s two top economists Ma Jingjiang and Hu Yuwei wrote in this article – India has become the fifth largest economy in the world. The pace of his progress is astonishing, but the biggest question is, will he be able to match China?

It was further said in this article – America and all western countries stand with India to stop China. Western media has started telling India the next China in terms of economy. The western countries should not forget that during the 1990s the economies of India and China were of similar size. Today China stands at $17.7 trillion and India at just $3.1 trillion. It’s a joke to talk about our equality. Yes, it can be assumed that India will overtake Japan’s economy in two years and Germany’s economy in five years.

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