Mohammad Shami gave special knowledge to Umran Malik, told how he can be successful in international cricket

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IPL 2022: Veteran fast bowler Mohammed Shami believes that Umran Malik will have to focus on his pace as well as his line and length.

special things

  • Shami gave special knowledge to Umran Malik
  • Shami not happy seeing Umran Malik’s fast bowling
  • Shami told that Umran still has a lot to learn

IPL 2022: Experienced fast bowler of Mohammed Shami It is believed that Umran Malik will have to focus on his pace as well as his line and length. While talking to the media, Shami talked about fast bowler Umran Malik and said that if you want to grow your career in international cricket, then apart from speed, you have to continuously improve and control the right line and length. Speed ​​isn’t everything, Shami said, adding that Umran will improve a lot with time and I hope his career will go long in international cricket as well.

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Shami further said in his statement that, ‘I agree that he has the pace, but personally, I am not a big fan of him. I believe that if you can swing the ball in and out with a speed of 140 kmph (KMPH), it will be more dangerous in career and will be more successful in troubling the batsman. I believe he still has a lot to learn. Let us tell you that in this IPL, Umran is the fastest bowler to throw the ball with a speed of 157kmph. The whole cricket world is amazed to see his bowling and everyone is hopeful that he will play international cricket soon.

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Apart from this, Shami has also talked about the captaincy of Hardik Pandya. Shami has said about Hardik that, the responsibility of leadership has made Hardik Pandya patient, who shows aggressive gestures on the field, which is also the main reason for the success of Gujarat Titans in the current season of Indian Premier League. Shami has played a lot of international cricket with Pandya, but his behavior has changed a lot after becoming the captain of the team playing for the first time in the IPL. Shami said on Friday, “He (Hardik) has become very patient after becoming the captain, his reaction is not as aggressive as before, I have advised him to control his emotions on the field because the whole world is playing this cricket. sees.”

He said, “It is very important to be sensible as a captain, to understand the conditions and he has played this role perfectly.” Titans team are already in the play-offs with 18 points from 12 matches and Shami is praising Hardik’s captaincy a lot.

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Shami, who took 16 wickets in 12 matches for the team, said, “He has kept the team united. I have seen a lot of changes in him as a captain compared to a player.” Having played with several captains in the national team, including Mahendra Singh Dhoni, Virat Kohli and Rohit Sharma in different IPL teams, Shami knows That every captain has his own unique style. (with language)

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