London, Reuters. The World Health Organization said there could be more cases of monkeypox. The UN agency said that cases of monkeypox will be monitored in countries where the disease is not commonly found. As of Saturday, there have been 92 cases of monkeypox and 28 suspected cases in 12 countries that are not endemic to the virus. According to the UN agency, guidance and recommendations related to the spread of monkeypox will be provided to countries in the coming days.

Control can be found through cleanliness

The available information suggests that human-to-human transmission is occurring between people who are in close physical contact with symptomatic cases, the agency said. Monkeypox is an infectious disease that is endemic in parts of West and Central Africa. It spreads through close contact, so it can be controlled relatively easily through measures such as self-isolation and hygiene. WHO official David Heyman said, ‘Monkeypox is also spreading through sexually transmitted infection.

Monkeypox knocked in Israel

At the same time, monkeypox has knocked in Israel too. The Health Ministry on Saturday confirmed the country’s first monkeypox case. According to a statement from the ministry, a man returning from Western Europe who visited Ichilov Hospital in Tel Aviv with suspected lesions of the virus was found infected with monkeypox. According to the statement, a clinical at the Israel Institute for Biological Research The sample was tested, where the suspicion of monkeypox was confirmed.

A spokesman for the Ichilov Hospital said that a person who had come in contact with a monkeypox patient in Western Europe was subjected to a medical examination, after which the monkeypox virus was confirmed. Let us tell you that recently cases of monkeypox have been reported in America, Canada, Australia and many Western European countries.

Edited By: Piyush Kumar