Monsoon departed from CG: Started to withdraw from Surguja area on Saturday, Monsoon was removed from the borders of Bastar within three days, this time it rained for more days

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The active south-west monsoon in the state left on Tuesday evening. On Saturday, the monsoon system had started retreating from the Surguja region. In the next three days, he went outside the geographical boundaries of the state via Bastar. This time the early monsoon season lasted for more than four months.

The Meteorological Center said on Tuesday afternoon, the southwest monsoon has retreated and reached Kanker. It became clear late in the evening that the monsoon had retreated even further. Meteorologist HP Chandra said, the south-west monsoon has departed from Chhattisgarh. According to the Meteorological Department, the departure of monsoon from the Rajasthan region had started from October 6. On Saturday, the Southwest Monsoon had shifted to Motihari, Gaya, Daltonganj, Ambikapur, Mandla, Indore, Banswara, Gandhinagar, Rajkot and Porbandar. After that, the weather rapidly turned favorable and by Tuesday evening the monsoon had completely disappeared.

Monsoon is normally active in Chhattisgarh on 16th June. It covers the entire state in four days. But this time it had reached Raipur only on 9-10 June. Till September 30, the state had received an average rainfall of 1108 mm.

This map shows a schematic of the departure of the Southwest Monsoon.

3 percent less rain in monsoon season
An average rainfall of 1108 mm has been recorded in the state from June 1 to September 30. The normal average rainfall of the state in these four months is considered to be 1142 mm. This year’s rainfall is 3 percent less than normal. Surguja, Jaspur, Raigarh and Kanker districts have less than normal rainfall in four districts of the state. In all other districts, 19 per cent have been higher or 19 per cent less. It is considered normal. The average number of rainy days in the state was 56 days.

Most rain in June
According to the Meteorological Department, the normal rainfall in the month of June is 193.5 mm, while the state has recorded 244.4 mm of rainfall. It was 26 percent above normal. During this period 21 districts were in excess access and 6 districts were in below normal condition.

By July it had rained 83
Till July, the state had received 756 mm of rain. Normally 569 mm of rain has been received in these two months. In July alone, 331.6 mm of rainfall was recorded, which is 83 percent of the normal. Till then, rainfall was above normal in 10 districts and below normal in 17 districts.

Most of the districts of Chhattisgarh received heavy rains in the months of June-July and September.

less rain in august
The total rainfall in the state in August was 797.5 mm. In general, 933.2 mm of rain has been received till this month. The normal rainfall in the month of August alone is 364 mm, but this time only 221.5 mm of rain falls. It was only 60.8 percent of the normal rainfall. The average normal rainfall in the state till August was 15 percent less. Till then 1 district has access, 14 districts are normal and 12 districts are in below normal condition.

Heavy rain for few days in September
There is a total of 310 mm of rainfall in September. On the other hand, it has been raining 208.9 mm in normal. Which was 48.5 percent more than normal. During this period, 25 districts remained normal and 2 districts remained under normal rainfall conditions. By the end of September, only four districts remained in below normal conditions. In October also, some districts have received slight rain.

Monsoon will depart soon: Monsoon system started retreating from Rajasthan, moisture coming from Bay of Bengal in Chhattisgarh air it will rain for a few days


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