Monsoon session of Bihar Legislature from today: There may be a ruckus over the Agneepath scheme, caste census; First supplementary budget to be presented

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Monsoon session of Bihar Legislature is starting from today. However, there is a possibility of a lot of uproar in this session. In fact, before this session, the politics of Bihar has been hot regarding population control law including caste census, Agneepath scheme. In such a situation, there can be uproar on these issues from the side of the opposition. While JDU and RJD are in one voice regarding Agneepath plan, the ruling party BJP is in favor of it. In such a situation, if this issue is raised in the assembly, the uproar is sure.

First supplementary budget presented today

There will be a total of five sittings in the Vidhan Sabha and the Legislative Council during the monsoon session. The proceedings of the House will continue on June 24, 27, 28, 29 and 30. During this, the first supplementary budget for the financial year 2022-23 will be presented in both the houses and along with the passage of the state bill, many important legislative works will be done. On the first day itself, the first supplementary budget will be presented in the assembly on Friday. Also, new members of both the houses will be sworn in. On June 27 and 28, there will be state bills and other state business. On June 29, there will be a debate on the supplementary budget and the answer of the government. A non-official resolution will be presented on June 30.

what will happen in the house today

On the first day of the monsoon session, the proceedings of both the Houses of the Legislative Assembly and the Legislative Council will begin at 11 am. The session in the Vidhan Sabha will begin with Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha’s opening address. After this, the abhyasi members will be nominated, as well as Speaker Vijay Kumar Sinha will also constitute the Business Advisory Committee. The MLAs approved by the Governor will be laid on the table in the House today and condolences will be given to the departed members with the first supplementary budget for the financial year 2022-23 being laid in the House. After the condolence light, the proceedings of the assembly will be adjourned till 11 am on Monday. After the condolence motion in the Legislative Council today, the proceedings of the house will be adjourned till 12 noon on Monday.

Willing to answer questions vigorously

Both the ruling party and the opposition are fully prepared for the monsoon session of the legislature, although the session is very short. The opposition is making a strategy to surround the government on different issues. At the same time, the ruling parties are ready to put the achievements of the government prominently in the house and give a strong answer to the questions of the opposition. All the parties are also discussing among themselves regarding this. Speaker of the Vidhan Sabha Vijay Kumar Sinha has also taken necessary initiative for smooth conduct of the proceedings of the House by holding a meeting of all the parties.

Questions from departments like education and health will not be asked

There are many such departments in this monsoon session, whose questions will not come. In this monsoon session being held for 5 days, questions from departments like education and health will not be asked. Apart from this, there are many other departments whose questions will neither come in the Bihar Legislative Assembly nor will be asked in the Bihar Legislative Council this time. Actually, the question of these departments is not coming due to any politics, but according to the rules of the Bihar Legislature, the questions of these departments will not come.

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