Jerusalem, Pretr. A team of former Israeli intelligence agency Mossad chief Shabtai Shavit was preparing to assassinate Pakistan’s notorious nuclear scientist AQ Khan. But in time, he could not understand the plot of Khan’s nuclear weapons technology to give to Iran. Otherwise he would have been killed already. Israeli investigative journalist Yossi Melman claimed in an article in the Hareet Daily that preparations were on to kill Pakistan’s nuclear scientist AQ Khan, who died of Corona a few days ago.

Since Khan secretly sold Pakistan’s bomb intelligence, but also helped Iran to make it a nuclear weapon. He also helped fulfill the nuclear ambitions of Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi. By doing so, Khan had unbalanced the international network for nuclear disarmament. Due to this, the Israeli intelligence agency Mossad wanted to kill AQ Khan, but he died before that on his own death.

Mossad did not succeed in fully understanding the conspiracy

At the age of 85, AQ Khan died recently in a hospital in Islamabad due to corona infection. Khan, who is called the creator of Pakistan’s atomic bomb, is actually the ‘Gadfather’ of Iran’s atomic bomb. Israeli journalist Melman reported in his article that the Mossad had begun keeping track of Khan’s frequent visits to West Asia. But at that time the Mossad could not succeed in fully understanding their nuclear proliferation conspiracy. He was told by Shavit, the former Mossad chief, about a decade and a half ago that Mossad and the Israeli military intelligence agency Aman had not fully understood AQ Khan’s intentions.

Israel openly considers Iran’s nuclear program a threat

The journalist pointed out that history could have changed in the context of Israel-Iran relations if Mossad’s team had judged Khan’s intentions and had him killed. Israel openly regards Iran’s nuclear program as a major threat to itself. He wants to completely eliminate all options for the nuclear ambition of this Islamic country.

suddenly retired

The Israeli journalist said that Pakistan may have conducted the first nuclear test in the eyes of the world in 1998, but it had already developed a nuclear weapon a few years before that. After helping his country, AQ Khan suddenly took retirement and started a seemingly unusual private business.

Mossad had also killed Mohsin Fakhrizadeh.

Then Iran got the design of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons P-1 and P-2 from Khan. Under the leadership of Dr. Mohsin Fakhrizadeh, Iranian scientists made their atomic bombs IR-1 and IR-2. Later Mossad also killed Mohsin Fakhrizadeh. But the Mossad failed to realize the true intentions of AQ Khan and did not realize his conspiracies until the Libyan leader Gaddafi exposed him.

Libyan leader Gaddafi told CIA and MI6 the reality of Khan

In fact, in the year 2003, the US attacked Iraq and the Libyan leader Gaddafi felt that now he had his number. So he made an agreement with American intelligence agency CIA and British intelligence agency MI6. And gave him complete information about AQ Khan’s illegal nuclear network. He also pointed out that Khan has developed nuclear sites for his country. Some of these were operating under the guise of chicken farms.

Was on Mossad’s hit-list

Despite getting such a huge amount of information, the CIA and MI6 hid this intelligence and departmentalized it. The Israeli journalist claimed that Mossad and the Israeli military intelligence agency Aman came to know about this when they saw a news report on the BBC in December 2004. Khan also received an apology from the then President Pervez Musharraf for leaking Pakistan’s nuclear information. He was kept under house arrest by the Government of Pakistan. He was one of the few scientists who had worked extensively with Israel’s enemy countries and that is why he was on Mossad’s hit-list.

Edited By: Tanisk