Mother got wrapped up as soon as the girl came out: rescued through desi jugaad, the innocent was trapped at 100 feet in the borewell

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A 2-year-old girl had fallen into a 200 feet deep borewell near Abhaneri in Bandikui (Dausa) in Rajasthan, which was pulled out of desi jugaad after 7 and a half hours. The mother of the innocent cried with joy on seeing him. He hugged his daughter by the chest. The girl has been taken to the hospital by ambulance. She is said to be healthy. As soon as the information was received, the administration team reached the spot and efforts were started to rescue the girl. The innocent was seen at a depth of 100 feet.

To save the girl, a 100 feet deep pit was being dug next to the borewell. The pit was dug up to 50 feet. A water bottle tied with a rope was delivered to the girl. There was also a nipple on the bottle for drinking water. All this exercise was visible in the camera. Seeing the child safe, the family members as well as the team breathed a sigh of relief.

Devnarayan Gurjar’s daughter Ankita was playing outside her house in the morning. There is an open borewell near the house. While playing, she suddenly fell into the same borewell. When the girl was not seen outside the house for a long time, the family members got upset. He started looking for her. Meanwhile, the sound of her crying came from the borewell. He immediately informed the administration about this. After this the SDRF team reached.

NDRF team was running rescue operation
The rescue operation had to be stopped due to heavy rain for a while. Later the NDRF team also reached to save the girl. A CCTV camera was inserted in the borewell to monitor the movement of the girl child. As soon as the camera was visible, the girl tried to catch him. Here, as soon as the mother came to know, she too had reached the spot to see him. The rescue team told that the girl was moving and also tried to capture the camera.

extracted from desi jugaad
The innocent was rescued by the NDRF team from the indigenous jugaad. This desi jugaad was made on the technique of Madaram, a resident of Bagoda area of ​​Jalore district. Madaram has rescued innocent people trapped in borewells seven times before.

desi jugaad made like this
Pipes like rods of equal length are taken for desi jugaad. They are tied at 10-10 feet and there is a ring in the last. The ring rod is lowered into the borewell. A camera is also attached to it. This shows whether the child is involved in the jugaad or not.

Control of the master rope rests with the fellow standing outside. This entire structure is lowered into the borewell. As soon as this struct is passed to the child. So that master rope is pulled from outside, so that the child gets stuck in it. As soon as the child is caught in it, the child is pulled out.

After the information, Tehsildar Ram Singh Gurjar reached the spot and started digging near the borewell with the help of JCB.  Finally after 7 and a half hours the innocent was taken out safely.

This morning the lid was opened to fill the soil
Ankita’s grandfather Kamal Singh (65) said, ‘This borewell was dug two years ago, but it turned out to be dry. Then this borewell was left with a lid. This morning itself I opened the lid to fill the soil in the borewell. Till about 11 o’clock, 100 feet of soil was also filled in the borewell. After that I went to the room to rest for a while and playing from behind, Ankita reached near the borewell and fell. Please tell that the borewell was on the platform of the house.

Innocent’s mother was crying badly
The girl’s father is in Dungarpur. He works there. Here, the mother of the innocent, standing outside the house, was in a bad condition. She was praying again and again that her daughter should be taken out safely. Neighbors and relatives were giving him courage.

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