Mother’s chest sieved: The condition of land and property in Jharkhand is pathetic. The fertile layer of the fields is ending, thousands of acres of land have been dug by the mafia.

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Mother Earth’s chest is being pierced in Jharkhand. 54.80 lakh hectares of land is becoming barren. During our investigation in 24 districts of the state, it came to the fore that the top and fertile layer of 15 cm of our cultivated land has been lost. Without water management, this layer got washed away with rain water in drains and rivers. The mafia is keeping an eye on the land which is left out of agriculture. The stone mafia has dug up the land after illegal mining in thousands of acres. This picture of Shikaripada of Dumka is an example of mafiaraj in mining.

1. Fertile layer covered by rain, 69% land barren
According to ISRO, the barren land is increasing continuously in Jharkhand. Due to lack of water management, the rain is taking away the fertile layer with it. Due to this the desert is increasing. 69% of the land has become barren.

2. Pesticides reduce nutrients, weaken immunity
80% of the soil has become acidic. 50% of manganese and calcium have been lost in it. Due to their decrease, our immunity is also decreasing. This is a result of adopting wrong crop rotation, but farmers are not being trained.

3. Mafia dug thousands of acres of land and left
The stone mafia has hollowed out thousands of acres of land after illegal mining. They are also occupying the land of the ryots-farmers. The administration has failed to curb illegal mining.


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