Motivational Story: In our daily life, we do many such tasks, which we find beneficial. Now it’s just a matter of bargaining the goods. Everyone wants to buy things at the lowest price. What happens when you buy an item for less than its original price? Read this inspiring story of father and son to know.

Nixivan invited his friends to dinner. He himself was cooking in the kitchen. When he tasted the food, he felt that there was less salt in the food. But what’s this? There was no salt in the kitchen either. He said to his son, ‘Get some salt quickly, but pay the right price. Give neither more nor less.

The son said- Father, I know that something should not be overpaid, but if I can save some money by bargaining, then what is the harm in that?’ Nixiwan said, ‘Because doing so could ruin this village of ours.’ Nixivan’s friends were listening to the father and son. They wondered how the village could be ruined if salt was brought at a low price.

When he asked Nixivan to know the secret of this fact, he said, ‘Any shopkeeper will sell salt at a low price only when he is in dire need of money, so he will buy salt from him, which is the labor and labor involved in preparing the salt. Will not be aware of the struggle of the workers.

The friend asked, ‘But how can this ruin the village?’ Nixiwan said, ‘You may not know it, but in the beginning there was very little evil in the world. The people of the coming generations went on mixing their little evil in it. He always thought that nothing in the world would be spoiled by the evil of salt in flour, but look how big the evil has become now. When such a big world can be ruined, then why not our small village.’


Evil, however small, has a huge impact, so it is better to leave evil altogether.

Edited By: Kartikey Tiwari