Movie review in just one minute: The story is short, but brings up the serious issue of marriage and divorce in a funny way Jug Jug Jio

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How to carry out marriage, what is the real meaning of marital bond, with whom to tie the right bond of marriage, these things have been beautifully told in the film by director Raj Mehta in the style of comedy and family drama.

How is the story of the film?

The story of the film starts from the school days of Kuku Saini (Varun Dhawan), Naina Sharma (Kiara Advani), Gurpreet Sharma (Manish Paul) from Patiala, 1998. One day Gurpeet comes to the class and tells Kuku that Naina is out talking with her classmates, then Kuku’s temper rises and shows his love by warning the classmates. From here the story jumps and the love-romance moves quickly as Kuku and Naina end up as husband and wife in Canada, where Naina is at the helm of HR. Aham clashes between the two, leading to a love-romance breakup within five years of their marriage and the decision of divorce, but the two make good by promising to stay until the wedding of Kuku’s sister Ginni (Prajakta Koli). India joins the marriage pretending to be husband and wife.

Wedding preparations begin, meanwhile Naina’s company wants to send her abroad with a big post offer, then she pressures Kuku to tell her about her divorce at home. Bhima, who is drunk, tells Kuku that even after 30 years of marriage, he is not happy with his wife Geeta Saini (Neetu Kapoor) and Meera (Tisca Kapoor), before Kuku is able to put his point in front of father Bhim (Anil Kapoor). Chopra). Hearing this, the ground slips under Kuku’s feet.

From here the story takes an interesting turn and the story takes a turn when Ginni, who considers them to be an idol marriage, reveals the secret of her heart. It will be fun to see such deep and serious things on the screen in a funny way.

The film progresses rapidly in the first half with great humor and by the time the second half approaches, the story gets wrapped up in seriousness. The story progresses while laughing-tickling, emotional, then there are some scenes in between, which are beyond comprehension. Like Ginni goes out in the middle of her wedding and comes back after kissing her lover. While in Naina and Kuku’s bedroom at midnight, first their brother Gurpit and then father Bhim come through the window, it doesn’t seem logical. Similarly, while on one hand the family culture has been shown with great modernity, on the other hand, it has taken a lot of hesitation and long time to put their decision of love and divorce in front of each other. According to the story, the location, setup and ceremony like marriage are shown with great grandeur.

Lastly, when it comes to acting, Varun Dhawan, Kiara Advani, Neetu Kapoor, Anil Kapoor, Maniesh Paul, Prajakta Koli etc were seen playing their characters beautifully. The beauty of Kiara is clearly visible while dancing in a pink color sari. Prajakta’s work was average, Manish Paul has got good space and has also made his presence felt.

The rest of the seasoned actors Anil Kapoor and Neetu Kapoor are seen playing their part. Those fond of watching comedy, family drama must go to the theater and watch. The film can be given three out of five stars.

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