MP’s re-development policy ready…: A new house will be available for free on demolishing the dilapidated building; The scope will increase, the road, lift and parking will also be new.

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The Urban Development and Housing Department has prepared a re-development policy for the entire state. According to this, a provision of incentive has been made for demolishing the old high rise building built on any land in the state. Apart from this, in lieu of the old flat, a new and bigger flat will be available free of cost or by depositing a small premium amount.

In this, incentives will be given for building new buildings by demolishing more than 30 old residential complexes in urban areas. These will also include those buildings which have been declared dilapidated by the urban bodies. People living in areas where land prices are very high will get good benefits from this redevelopment policy. For the time being, this policy will now be placed before the cabinet.

Once approved here, it will come into force. Let us inform that at present the Re-densification Policy is in force for reconstruction on government lands. Colonies created by private or development authorities, housing boards will also come under the ambit of the new policy.

Such is the new policy: Different FAR will be available in residential-commercial

1. Incentive of ground coverage and FAR i.e. floor area ratio will be given in the construction under this policy. For this, the master plan and land development rules will be changed. 2. In the change, FAR will be given 0.50 more than the existing FAR for residential building and 0.75 more for commercial building. 3. Ground coverage is also being increased from 30 to 40 percent, that is, on a plot of 10 thousand square feet, 4000 square feet can be constructed, so that the builder can also make full use of the FAR. 4. In the higher FAR, the builder will make his profit by selling the new flats that he will build. That is, they will get the amount spent in demolishing the old flat and the cost of the newly constructed flat. 5. If the resident society wants to increase the size of the new flats, then the existing flat owner may have to pay some part of the construction cost as premium amount. 6. Under the re-development policy, permission of the resident societies will have to be taken before re-construction of a multi-storey building. 7. The committee constituted under the Apartment Act will enter into a contract with the builder to demolish the old building and build a new building there.

There are disputes over the demolition of dilapidated buildings

The trend of high rise building has increased in all the big cities of the state. Law and order situation is created in demolishing the dilapidated old buildings. Such situations can be controlled with the new policy. During the new construction, the sewage, water, drainage network and parking and lift facilities will also be re-worked.

Policy will be beneficial from every point of view
With the new policy, people living in dilapidated buildings will get a new and bigger house. Along with this, it will be easy for the urban bodies to provide facilities in these colonies. This policy will prove beneficial from the perspective of environment, development and residents.
– Bharat Yadav, Commissioner Urban Housing and Development

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