New Delhi, JNNl Mumtaz extra marital affair: Mumtaz has been a film actress. She has worked in many films. Her films have been well-liked. She was a popular actress of her time. Now Mumtaz has revealed that she had an affair after marriage. and when he came to know of his mistake, he rectified it.

Mumtaz told that her husband had an affair earlier

Mumtaz told that in fact her husband had an affair earlier. Due to this she was sad and feeling alone. Due to this she made a mistake. Mumtaz has given an interview to Pinkvilla. In this she told that her husband Mayur Madhwani should have an affair This made her sad.

‘Affair is not a big deal for men’

Mumtaz said, ‘Affair for men is not a big deal. My husband also had an extra-marital affair. I respect him because he told me about it. He liked an American girl. However, later he corrected it. Said that Mumtaz you are my wife and I love you very much. Today she is a thing of the past for us. My husband never bothered me.

‘I had an affair here in India’

Describing her affair, Mumtaz said, ‘After husband’s affair, I started feeling lonely. I was a little arrogant. I felt bad and I came to India and I had an affair here but it was not serious. Which was for some time. It is over very soon. I am very happy. My husband loves me very much. Mumtaz’s health is fine now.

Edited By: Rupesh Kumar