NAP teams will investigate: 50 hotels and restaurants in the city that came under the purview of NGT, no arrangements for solid-waste management

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The National Green Tribunal (NGT) and the city council have become strict on hotels-restaurants, dhabas and marriage palaces (banquets) that do not fulfill other conditions including parking arrangements along with solid-liquid waste management in the city. Now action is being taken against 50 hotels, restaurants, marriage halls, banquet halls and dhabas in the city, which did not respond to the final notice.

Soon the teams of Pollution Control Board and NAP will land in the field. After conducting a surprise inspection, the arrangements for hotels and dhabas will be investigated and legal action will be taken against them. The city council has issued final notices to 50 operators on Thursday to comply with the guidelines set by the NGT.

If still the operators do not respond to the notice, then along with legal action, the action of sealing will be implemented. However, through the notice, it has been asked to ensure compliance of these rules set by the NGT.

After this, they will also be inspected by the committee. A reply in this regard will be given in NGT. In such a situation, concerns have increased among the operators who do not fulfill the rules. According to the guidelines of NGT, hotels, dhabas and banquet halls etc. will have to manage solid and liquid waste from the provision of toilets.

Along with hotels, the NGT has also kept marriage palaces under this purview. Under this, there should be separate toilets for men and women in the hotel. There should be a provision for storing roof water, solid and liquid waste management, parking arrangements and if the generator is used, it should be equipped with a silencer so that it does not spread air pollution. Treat the water and release it into the ground.

Most of the hotel-dhabas fail on the criteria of parking
In the guidelines of NGT, instructions have been given to all the operators for proper parking of vehicles, but most of the hotel-dhaba operators present in the city have failed on this criterion. Most of these do not have any parking facility. There are hotels and restaurants in the city in which the vehicles of the visiting customers are parked on the road and due to this there is always a situation of jam.

notices given to them
Nap Apna Dhaba, Sharma Vaishno Dhaba, Antara Restaurant, Pizzaria, Sunset Desire Hotel, Savera Hotel, Taj Cafe, La Bella Hotel, Vishal Vaishno Restaurant, Surkhab Palace, Rachna Palace, Anmol Palace, RC Hotel, Maharaj Palace, Setia Palace, Notices have been served to the operators of Galaxy Hotel etc.

Action will be taken for not following the rules

There is no arrangement for solid and liquid waste management in hotels, restaurants, dhabas and marriage palaces. NGT has issued guidelines for the arrangement of solid and liquid waste management. If these rules are not implemented, then action will be taken against them. In the notice, the NP officials have directed the operators to make arrangements as per the guidelines of NGT.

Instructions have been given by the government to follow the guidelines set by the NGT. Based on this, final notices have been given to hotels, dhabas, marriage palaces in the city. If the notice is not responded to within the stipulated period, action will be taken.
Sandeep Malik, EO, Municipal Council Sirsa.

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