Jasn, Jalandhar

A National Conference on New Education Policy was organized in Trinity College with the help of Assistant Professor Neetu Khanna and debutant. In this, Dr. Amit, Dean of Faculty of Education from GNDU said that no education policy is bad. We need a proper system to implement the education policy. Principal Dr. Ajay Parashar welcomed everyone.

In the technical session held in the conference, 40 search papers were read. The conference was held both online and virtual. Rev. Father Dr. Johnson from Bhopal and Principal Dr. TC Thenkachan from Kerala played online role as chairman. College Director Rev. Father Peter, Assistant Director of Trinity Group of Institutes Rev. Father William Sahota, Principal of Trinity Institute of Management and Technology Dr. Sunil Kumar Arora, Sister Prema, Sister Lasina, Trinity College Academic Dean Dr. Pooja Gaba, Trinity Group The Program Coordinator of the Institute, Assistant Professor Prof. Nidhi Sharma, Staff Secretary Dr. Inderjit Kaur, Prof. Deepika, Prof. Smriti, Neetu Khanna, Manveer Kaur, Ashok Kumar, Malkiat Singh, Aman etc. were present.

Edited By: Jagran