National Girl Child Day 2023: Today is National Girl Child Day, make your daughter’s day special in this way

LifestyleNational Girl Child Day 2023: Today is National Girl Child Day, make...
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National Girl Child Day: Today National Girl Child Day is being celebrated across the country. You also know how this day can be made special at your level.

special things

  • National Girl Child Day is celebrated on 24 January.
  • Make daughter’s day special on National Girl Child Day.
  • Many activities can be done together.
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National Girl Child Day 2023: The celebration of National Girl Child Day was started by the Ministry of Women and Child Development from the year 2008. The purpose of celebrating this day is to highlight the discrimination and injustice happening in the society with the girl child. Along with this, the purpose of celebrating this day is to make everyone aware about the education, security and empowerment of the girl child. It is said that every work starts from your home and at your level, you can empower your daughter by teaching her, giving her equal rights and love. Also, know how to make this day very special for your girl child. Seeing this love of yours, your little doll will laugh out loud.

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go out for a walk

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Parents often plan to travel with the family only 1-2 times in a year and obviously a lot of planning has to be done in this. But, sometimes there is no harm in doing something without planning. Be it in the evening, go somewhere around the house and enjoy bhutta or popcorn. You can also go to a mall or eat and drink at a restaurant.

bring favorite things

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Whether it is a child or an adult, it is a pleasure to find something of your choice. The thing of choice does not necessarily have to be expensive, sometimes it is good to get a pencil with Shaka Laka Boom-Boom or a pudding of your choice.

do activities together

Do any activity of her choice with the daughter. It can also be fun to play with her doll or write an essay for school. Apart from this, painting, making figures from clay, celebrating picnic and dancing and singing are also good activities.

watch animated movies

One of the specialties of animated films is that they present family values, friendship, attachment, love, affinity and love with nature in a very special way. Not only children but adults also like these animated films very much. Coco, Frozen, Inside Out, Spirited Away, My Friend Toroto, Soul, Encanto, Turning Red and Moana are some of the animated movies that the whole family can watch and enjoy together.

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