Navratri: Durgashtami fair will not be held in Taradevi temple this time, because there will be mourning in the princely state of Kyenthal for one year after the death of King Junga

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During the Navratras, Rank used to live in the famous Shaktipeeth Taradevi temple of Shimla. Along with the worship of the mother, bhajan kirtan and other programs used to go on in the temple for days. Whereas the most awaited time of the Ashtami of Shimla city and the surrounding people, when a big fair was held in the Taradevi temple. Where there was special worship of the mother in the fair, there used to be a big riot.

But this time the fair will not be held in the Taradevi temple on Durgashtami today. This fair has been postponed after the death of King Junga Vikram Sen. Raja Vikram Sen died on 28 September. This is his total deity. In the princely state of Kyenthal, no auspicious work is done for a year after the death of the king. In such a situation, all the programs to be held on Durgashtami this time were already postponed.

The temple was not even decorated: However, this time in the Taradevi temple, complete arrangements have been made for the darshan of the devotees under the Carena Protocol. But the biggest thing is that for the first time the temple has not been decorated during Navratri. The temple has been kept simple. Only Maa Tara is being worshipped. But any other kind of activities were banned. On the day of the death of the king, there will be simple worship in the temple till the same time. No big work will be done.

History of the temple: The temple of Maa Tara, situated on the peak adjoining Shimla, is the fulfiller of every wish. It is built at a distance of about 11 kilometers from Shimla. This temple is very old. It is said that about 250 years ago, Mother Tara was brought to Shimla from West Bengal. A ruler of the Sen period brought the idol of Mother Tara from Bengal to Shimla.
As far as building the temple is concerned, King Bhupendra Sen had built the temple of the mother. It is believed that once Bhupendra Sen had gone hunting in the dense forests of Taradevi. During this time he had darshan of Mother Tara and Lord Hanuman. Mother Tara expressed her wish that she wants to settle in this place. After this the king started building the temple. Four years ago the restoration work of the temple was completed.

Today Maa Gaari will be worshiped and Kanjak worship: On the eighth day of Navratri, there is a law to worship Maa Mahagauri. It is believed that on the day of Mahashtami or Durgashtami, worshiping Goddess Mahagauri with the rituals removes the sufferings of the devotees and fulfills their wishes. Kanya Puja is also performed on the Ashtami Tithi of Navratri. It is believed that worshiping a girl on Ashtami and Navami Tithi gives auspicious results.
For worshiping Mahagauri, first of all, install the idol or picture of Mahagauri on a wooden post or in the temple. After this, spread white cloth on the post and place Mahagauri Yantra on it and establish the yantra. Meditate on the mother with a white flower in her hand. Now light a lamp in front of the idol of the mother. Offer them fruits, flowers, naivedya etc. After this, perform the aarti of the Mother Goddess. Worshiping a girl on the day of Ashtami is considered best. On the seventh day, Maa Kalratri was worshiped in the temples.


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