Negligence: open drain calling for accidents

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The drain built along the Chandigarh-Ambala highway in Zirakpur is calling for accidents. This drain is lying open at many places. Traffic moves on this highway all the time. Often vehicles lose their balance and collide with the drain. There have been many incidents of vehicles getting stuck in the drain. In such a situation, this drain line can also become the cause of fatal accident.

However, this box type drain line is covered with slabs made of concrete. Most of the drain is covered but at many places the slabs placed on the drain are missing. The drain is also very deep. If the balance of a two wheeler on the road gets disturbed, it can fall in the drain. Drain line slabs are missing at many places in the distance from Singapura traffic light point in Zirakpur to Metro Mall.

People say that someone can die by falling in this drain. Vehicles have crashed many times because of the drain. Since the drain is very deep and along the road, the road is always a danger to the pedestrians or the vehicular traffic. Often pedestrians start walking on slabs. In many places the drain slabs are not fixed. In such a situation, the slabs move when the foot is placed.

On coming from Chandigarh to Zirakpur, a large part of the drain built on the highway near the Gateway of Punjab is open. There is a fear of accident here. There is enough space in the drain to accommodate an entire motorcycle. People are demanding that the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) should get this drain covered completely.


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