Washington, Agency. Scientists have developed a chemical compound that can protect against corona virus infection. This chemical compound can also reduce the severity of Kovid-19. According to researchers from Washington University School of Medicine in the US, this chemical compound named ‘MM3122’ prevents many viruses from entering human cells.

The compound, described in the Journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Science, actually targets a human protein called transmembrane serine protease-2 (TMPRSS2). The layer of this protein acts as a shield on human cells and protects them from getting infected.

Professor James W. Janetka of the University of Washington said that there is a good vaccine available for the prevention of infection of Kovid-19. But effective antiviral drugs are needed to reduce the severity of the global pandemic. Therefore the compound that has now been developed prevents corona virus infection from entering human cells.

Janet said that the goal of this research is to conduct a special study on those molecules that can be taken orally as medicine and are the best way to prevent and treat corona. According to research, the compound of the new drug definitely blocks TMPRSS2. and releases related protein matrices. It shows effect on the surface of lungs and other human cells.

Edited By: Nitin Arora