New bride who marries every 10 days: looking for bachelor boys; Brother said – this is our business

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In Hanumangarh, Rajasthan, a case has been registered against a girl for doing three marriages in a month and robbing the grooms. The bride and her partner are so clever that they extort money even before marriage. After marriage, the bride stays at her in-laws’ house for 5-6 days and runs away. After this, the gang makes a plan to find bachelor boys in another city and trap them.

Police has formed a team to trace the accused girl. Information is also being collected about his family. Cases of robbing the groom and absconding are increasing continuously in Rajasthan. Such cases remain a challenge even for the police. Such crimes are now being committed by forming gangs.

fraud of lakhs of rupees
Police said that the bride and her partner cheated more than three people of lakhs of rupees in the name of marriage. Gogamedi police station in-charge Ajay Kumar told that Krishna Kumar, son of Neki Ram (35) of Netharana village, has given a report about this to the police station. He told that he was not getting married. Meanwhile, Kamlesh of his village told him that a poor Muslim girl was his religious sister. Her parents are dead and she lives with him in Netharana.

Kamlesh said that he would get her married, but in lieu of that, he would have to pay one lakh 50 thousand rupees. The cost of court-court will also have to be paid. When he asked Kamlesh for marriage, he took him to his house and introduced him to a girl. The girl gave her name as Shabnam father Nawab Khan resident of Pareek Colony Hanumangarh Town.

After this, on May 13, 2022, both Kamlesh and Shabnam took him to the Bhadra Court, where Kamlesh had got him and Shabnam’s marriage written on a stamp worth Rs 500.

Accused youth Kamlesh talked about getting Neki Ram to marry his religious sister and cheated lakhs of rupees.

Kamlesh took Shabnam along after 6 days
Neki Ram told that in lieu of getting married, Kamlesh took 1 lakh 5 thousand rupees from him in cash, 10 thousand rupees for getting married and 30 thousand rupees in the name of getting Shabnam clothes and other items. After this he and Shabnam came to Netharana. Shabnam stayed at home with her for about 6 days. After this Kamlesh came with the car and took Shabnam along. He said to come in the morning and take it away. Neki Ram convinced and sent Shabnam with Kamlesh.

When he went to Kamlesh’s house the next day, he could not find Shabnam. When asked Kamlesh, she said that she would come in a day or two, but even after leaving 15-20 days, Shabnam did not come. During this he came to know that Kamlesh has married Shabnam in Khachwana (Hanumangarh). On this he asked Kamlesh to help him settle Shabnam’s house with him.

On this Kamlesh said that this is his business. He cheated by sending Shabnam with him. Now Shabnam will not come back to her. Kamlesh refused to give even Rs.

After 10 days, a vicious girl married a young man from Khachwana and cheated him of lakhs of rupees.

religion sister used to tell
The accused youth would gather information about unmarried youths and contact them and talk about getting married to his religious sister. He would have recovered one and a half to two lakh rupees in the name of different expenses. The accused girl also used to buy clothes worth thousands of rupees from the money of unmarried youths. After this, the girl would get married after reading and writing on the stamp in the court. After 5-6 days of marriage, the young man would take her with him by making an excuse and then get married at another place.

The accused, while talking to the youth, tells the girl to be his religious sister and pretends to get married.

Cheating of lakhs by marrying different youths
Upon investigation, it came to the fore that the girl, after marrying a young man Neki Ram in Netharana, married Mahavir Jat, Dharampal (27) son of Khachwana on 23 May. The thugs also read the writing on the stamp here and cheated 2 lakh 24 thousand rupees in the name of marriage.

After 10 days, the girl married another youth of Kaithal. Dharampal has also filed a case of cheating by giving a complaint to the police. The victim alleged that Shabnam and Kamlesh together cheated her of lakhs of rupees in the name of marriage. At present, the police is involved in the investigation of the case.

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