New Delhi, Tech Desk. WhatsApp Message Level Reporting Feature: Two security features have been rolled out by WhatsApp for Android users. One of these is “WhatsApp Message Level Reporting Feature”. Simply put, this feature has been brought to curb those who send lewd messages on WhatsApp. Actually, the number of hate speech and rioting messages on WhatsApp is increasing for a long time. Also, people doing this are far from the reach of the government and WhatsApp.

Central government is seeking answers from WhatsApp

The central government has been pressurizing WhatsApp for a long time to identify users who incite riots and send lewd messages. But WhatsApp does not reveal the names of those inciting riots and sending lewd messages citing end-to-end encryption. But after the introduction of the new feature of WhatsApp, the identification of such people has become easy. WhatsApp is also forced to take action against such people under the new IT Act.

How will the new feature work

After the introduction of the new message level reporting feature of WhatsApp, if a user sends you lewd or dirty messages, then you will be able to report such messages as well as an option to block them. For this, you can report and block the message by long pressing on it.

WhatsApp account will be closed forever

If more than 25 users have reported on a WhatsApp message, then WhatsApp can ban such account. Along with this, the report of such people will also be shared with the government. Explain that under the new IT Act, all social media platforms are required to share monthly reports with the government on the number of complaints received and action taken against them. Therefore, if you send a group or personal lewd WhatsApp message to someone, then be careful, otherwise your account may be closed.

Edited By: Saurabh Verma