New Delhi, Jnn. Nia Sharma is a well-known name of television. Nia had won everyone’s heart from her very first show by becoming a human in the serial Ek Hazaaron Me Meri Behna. Along with her acting, Nia often remains in the discussion about her bold look and slim figure. There is often discussion about her curvy figure on social media. But recently Nia Sharma told her pain that it is not easy for her to carry such a body. She had to face many difficulties to maintain her figure. Nia told that many times she is also hungry for this.

Nia Sharma skips eating

Nia Sharma told in a conversation with RJ Siddhartha Kanan that it took her a long time to understand that her stomach cannot remain flat all the time. Nia told that she does not hate her body, but she is facing many problems. Nia told that she stopped eating food. She said, ‘I am not talking about diet, but I had stopped eating completely. I used to sleep hungry and go to the gym hungry too and because of this I cried many times. There came a time when I had stopped feeling hungry.

Nia Sharma is struggling with this problem

Nia Sharma told that she wanted to look slim in this song for which she worked hard and on point when she looked at her stomach, she was absolutely slim. Nia Sharma also told that she considers herself an average girl and there is nothing in her body that she wants to change. But with this, she said that she is struggling with the problem of bloating. Nia said that earlier she was very thin, but it took her 365 days to understand that she cannot look thin all the time.

Nia is in discussion about music video

These days Nia is in a lot of discussion about her new song ‘Phoonk Le’. Nia Sharma is seen doing amazing dance in this song. In this song, the fans of Nia are very much liked. So far this song of Nia has got million views. Nia had recently reached Bigg Boss to promote her song, where Salman Khan also danced fiercely with her on this song.

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