Masks have played an important role in protecting against corona disease. Due to the fear of Corona, the habit of wearing masks was made in people. At the same time, now the outbreak of corona has reduced but still people are still wearing masks as a protection, which is a very good habit because it has reduced the risk of not only corona but also many other diseases. Cases of asthma, COPD, lung infection, cough, cold are seen a lot in the pollution season, but due to the habit of wearing masks, this time the number of such patients is being seen to improve health with mask

– The condition of the lungs is better than ever.

Damage to the lungs from dust and smoke and external contamination is reduced.

Due to the reduction of the effect of particulate matter in the lungs and throat, the problem of inflammation in the lungs, respiratory tract has reduced.

The problem of cold, cough is being seen less, while the complaint of throat infection has also reduced.

As soon as winter comes, the level of pollution increases suddenly, due to which the damage due to the mask has been reduced.

damage caused by pollution

1, The constant presence of particulate matter increases the risk of COPD, which causes damage to the lungs.

2, Due to the pollution particles PM-1 and ultra fine particles, along with the process of blood contamination, cancer can also occur.

3, The lungs of children are usually pink in color, while the lungs of adults become black.

4, Asthma patients have more problems due to increasing pollution and cold, they are at risk of having an attack.

So you can see that wearing a mask not only protects against Kovid but also has many other benefits. So keep this habit.

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Edited By: Priyanka Singh