New Delhi, Jnn. Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan Khan is constantly in the headlines regarding the drugs case. Not only this, due to this case, Shah Rukh Khan is also facing a lot of difficulties. This is the reason why there is such news on the media that after Aryan Khan’s name in the drugs case, the company has stopped advertising a teaching app from Shah Rukh Khan. At the same time, not only Shah Rukh Khan, but his lookalike Raju Rahikwa is also facing difficulties due to Aryan drugs case.

Raju Rahikwa is famous all over the country because of Shah Rukh Khan’s lookalike. He keeps participating in many events and parties, but ever since Aryan Khan’s name has surfaced in the drugs case, Raju Rahikwa is facing a financial blow. They are not getting any work. Not only this, the events in which Raju Rahikwa was supposed to participate, have been canceled after Aryan Khan’s name in the drugs case came up.

Raju Rahikwa recently spoke to the English website News18. During this, he said, ‘There was no event due to corona virus for about one and a half years, so no work was found. Things started a bit after the pandemic, I thought work would start now. More recently, I got a chance to do two shows in October, but the organizers canceled and said, ‘People are not happy with the current image of Shahrukh. You know what the atmosphere is going on.

Raju Rahikwa further said that there is such an atmosphere at this time, but he believes that Shah Rukh Khan will come out of this difficulty. He further said that he was hoping to pay the school fees of his children, but now he is looking for some other option. Raju Rahikwa said, ‘I have no complaint against him. I am ready to sacrifice my work for them. My identity is because of Shah Rukh bhai. Whatever I have today is because of him, so I look like him. He is my god. Right now his family is in grief and I can feel the same way. I just want Aryan bhai to come back home.

Apart from this, Raju Rahikwa has told about other difficulties faced by himself due to Aryan drugs case. Let us tell you that on October 2, Aryan Khan was arrested by the NCB from a cruise ship going from Mumbai to Goa, where the rave party was going on. Apart from Aryan Khan, his friends Arbaaz Merchant and Munmun Dhamecha were also arrested by NCB in this raid.

Edited By: Anand Kashyap