Note of a young man who committed suicide after being fed up with gay: Wrote in Gwalior – Used to call for wrongdoing; It was small, but dirty…

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A 20-year-old youth hanged himself on Wednesday after being upset with a 5-year-old gay friend in Gwalior. He was a makeup artist. He has left a suicide note of 4 pages. The young man has written for a 15-year-old boy – has taught him a lesson, after taking revenge, now I am also going…. This 15-year-old boy was also missing since Tuesday. The police had found his bicycle from a pit. His body was found in the tunnel of JC Mills on Thursday.

Read what else is written in the suicide…

Mom, dad, everyone misunderstood me. I wanted to live, but as long as he is alive, I cannot live. He has been doing wrong things to me for four years. I know my pain. Even after this, everyone misunderstood me because he was small. Everyone misunderstood me, but I was not wrong. He used to blackmail me. Used to say – If you will not come to me, then I will tell everyone. Threatened to be sent to jail. That’s why I am dying, but before that I have taught him a lesson. After taking revenge, now I am going too.

He was definitely small. Everyone thought him straight, but he has given me a lot of pain. He used to call anytime to have sex. He used to torture me physically. Used to blackmail I got him the expensive bicycle he has. For this I stole the house. Mom, dad, forgive me, because of that I took this wrong step, but no one understood me.

For four years, he has blackmailed me and spent Rs 3 lakh on himself. Papa, the expensive mobile that you gave me by working hard, is with him only. Get that mobile from his house to my father. Take back all that I have given him till now.

Mom, dad, I will miss you very much, but I cannot survive because of him, so I have taken my revenge. Now I’m going to die. Don’t be sad after my death. stay well My family members should not be harassed for any of my steps. All my belongings should be returned. Papa, you did a lot for me. taught me I also studied a lot. Learned the parlor course with hard work, but everything went in vain.

It was small, but it was very dirty. I got him smart watch, mobile, bluetooth, head phone and other items. Mother, father, sister and uncle, if I have ever spoken wrong to you, then forgive me. Vandana ma’am you are very nice. Noori didi by now you must have understood why I was upset. You all are very nice. You have helped me a lot. Now I’m leaving. I have completed my revenge….

Whose mention in the suicide note, his body was also found
The deceased student, whose suicide note repeatedly mentions about taking revenge, was also missing. When the police searched his mobile after reaching his house, the last message was found in it on the mobile of Nani – he is going towards the ruins of Jesse Mill. After this the police reached there, then his cycle was found in a deep pit. The police suspected that he was murdered. On Thursday, his body was also recovered by the police in the tunnel of JC Mill. Police sent the body for postmortem. A case has been registered and investigation has been started. SSP Amit Sanghi says that the cause of death will be clear only after the PM report comes. read full news

The 15-year-old boy was missing since Tuesday night.  The police found his cycle in the well of Jesse Mill.  On Thursday, his body was recovered by the police in the tunnel of Jesse Mill.

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A 20 year old student hanged himself in Gwalior. He has also left a suicide note. In this, there is a mention of killing a 15-year-old boy after being disturbed by his exploitation by calling him gay. Wrote for mother in suicide note – I will meet you after taking next birth. Click to read full news…

The youth returned from coaching on Tuesday night and went to his room.  The family felt that he was tired.  When the mother reached to see him late in the night, his body was found hanging from the fan.

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