Jagran Correspondent, Varanasi: Now biometric attendance has been made mandatory in educational institutions. The government has directed the teachers and employees to release the salary for June only after their attendance is certified by biometrics.

On the instructions of the government, Mahatma Gandhi Kashi Vidyapeeth has started the process of installing biometric machines. In this sequence, a database of 433 teachers and employees of the university is being prepared. This includes 240 officers-employees and 193 teachers. Contract teachers have also been included in the scope of biometric attendance. In this sequence, a target has been set to install biometric machines in all departments on May 31. In the second phase, it will also be mandatory for the students

In the second phase, it has been decided to make biometric attendance mandatory for the students as well. The number of students in the main campus is about eight thousand. Biometric attendance for such students is likely to take time. Preparation for giving scholarship only by biometric attendance

A target has been set to install biometric machines in secondary schools within 100 days. The intention of the government is to link the scholarship with the biometric attendance in future. In such a situation, only the students doing regular classes are expected to get scholarship in future. On the instructions of the government, arrangements are being made for biometric attendance for officers, teachers, employees and students. This will improve the academic level. And the disciplinary system is expected to improve further.

-Pro. Niranjan Sahai, Chief Proctor, Kashi Vidyapeeth

Edited By: Jagran