Jagran Correspondent, Jalandhar: Now the teachers will motivate the students to understand the problems and find solutions by researching them. For this, the Design Thinking and Innovation Skills module has been started by CBSE. It has been jointly designed by the Innovation Cell of the Ministry of Education and the Faculty of IIT Bombay. Under this, students of classes VI to VIII are being included in the first phase, while students from classes IX to XII will also be included in the second phase.

With the start of this project, students will understand the problems themselves and will also do research to find their solution, which will also awaken scientific thinking in the students and will also inculcate the spirit of finding solutions to overcome the problems of the country and society.

The teachers will be given training by the board, after which the students of classes VI to VIII will have to work for 18 to 20 hours, while for classes IX to 12, 160 hours have been fixed. In such a situation, schools will have to make a separate studio for the betterment of the students, where students will be able to do their research and also ideas to solve the problem together. Teacher Monika says that starting such a program will also create curiosity in the students to understand the problems and solve them. The module prepared by the board will be completely based on practical basis. With the help of this, students will be able to work on their ideas and will also be able to hone their strengths. If you look at the overall, then only the creativity of the students will come to the fore. Which will also see better results in the future.

Edited By: Jagran