Now the police will increase friendship with the public: even if the complainant gets angry in the police station, he will be restrained and will ask him for water.

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The city police will not talk angrily with the complainant who has come to the station. The complainant will be asked for water. Not only this, he will not be abused. Police Commissioner Ajay Tomar has issued a circular to all police inspectors, deputy commissioners, assistant commissioners asking them to coordinate with the people of the city.

It is further said in the circular that the police officers-employees should not misbehave with the people. In order to coordinate with the police and the public in the city, all the officers should hold a meeting with the police inspectors of their respective areas and talk about increasing friendly behavior among the police public.

Bring water bottles to the police station

The Commissioner of Police has said in his circular that when a complainant reaches the police station for help, then the PSO or any police personnel present should respect him. Ask him for water. For this, the police inspector and the station in-charge should keep water bottles. There are complaints of police misbehavior with the complainant. Commissioner Ajay Tomar has taken this initiative to improve the image of the police.

Even if the complainant is angry, maintain restraint, explain to him

Police Commissioner Ajay Tomar has advised the police employees that if any victim comes to the police in the hope of help and if he is angry due to some reason, then the police personnel should maintain restraint. Don’t talk to him in anger at all. Explain to him and listen to his problem. Apart from this, people coming to the police station should not be made to sit in the police station without valid reason. After coming to the police station, the problem of the people should be resolved as soon as possible.

Order to reduce distance between police and public

Police Commissioner Ajay Tomar has said that the police and the public are friends of each other. This sentence has to be meaningful, so that the distance between the police and the public is reduced and they can be useful to each other. This has been used before. The result of these experiments was that people are cooperating with the police. Whatever orders the commissioner has given in his circular, they will have to inform the police commissioner about their compliance. Its responsibility has been given to officers like ACP, DCP, Additional CP.

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