New Delhi, Jnn. TMC MP and actress Nusrat Jahan has been in the headlines for the past several days. Sometimes due to divorce and sometimes about the birth of a child without marriage. Now after separating from Nusrat Jahan, Nikhil Jain has come openly in front of the media for the first time. He has given a direct answer to every question regarding his relationship with Nusrat.

Nikhil said on being bisexual

Nikhil Jain has said in an exclusive interview to Ei Samay Digital that he is currently in love with his ex-wife Nusrat Jahan. While separating, Nusrat had also accused Nikhil of being bisexual. Nikhil refuted the allegation and said in clear words, ‘I still love Nusrat and if I was bisexual, how could she be in love with me so much?’

There was a mistake…

Nikhil further said in the interview, ‘He knew many Tollywood celebs even before he met Nusrat. At the same time, relationships of many people in Bollywood have also been broken and there have been divorces. But no one has ever leveled such allegations against each other. Along with this, Nikhil said that the reason for the breakdown of marriage with Nusrat was very personal and said, ‘Something had gone wrong but I did not know that it would go so far.’

Nusrat is in a relationship with Yash Dasgupta

Nusrat Jahan is currently in a relationship with actor Yash Dasgupta. The father of Nusrat’s child is also Yash and both live together. Recently, on the occasion of Durga Puja, Nusrat shared pictures wearing a shakhapola in her hand. Due to which speculations started being made that Nusrat and Yash got married but did not make it public. At the same time, in many pictures with her son, the Bengali actress considers Yash and herself a family.

Edited By: Ruchi Vajpayee