Psychologists say you need to explain your brain smartly—new experiences increase the production of dopamine. It is such a hormone, which makes you feel happy, so know how you will fall in love with your work again.

Monday: Follow the to-do list

You have already set the priorities, now you just have to complete most of your work according to your to-do list before lunch time. Arrive at the office and talk to your boss about your goals. Talk about getting the assignment of your dreams. This bold move towards its goals will have far-reaching consequences.

Tuesday: Explore networking sites

Interact with people from professional circle. Visit industry networking sites. Talk to old coworkers and others to make them feel like you. A friendly conversation plays a vital role in opening doors to new possibilities and building confidence.

Wednesday: Assess

You are just a few steps away from the end of your work makeover week so check out how successful you have been in achieving your goals. When you know where you stand, it will be easier for you to work neatly. At the end of this day, give yourself a mid-week break. Heading to the gym or going to a new restaurant.

Thursday: Improve relations with colleagues

Give your team a gift in the morning. Macaroons or new note pads. Don’t forget your friend who has a rivalry with you at work. Try to improve the relationship by starting the conversation. Psychologist says that the emotions that come after doing good deeds motivate us to do better.

Friday: Have Fun

Be tech-savvy and download apps like Skitch, Catch or Overnote that’ll get the job done. Use them on weekends, so that you can use them in the coming week. Discuss with your boss the work done this week and if you wish, tell him about the vacation you are planning to take.

Saturday: Fix Your Wardrobe

However, on Saturday, most people are in a relaxed mood. But be two steps ahead and plan what you want to wear for the coming weekdays so as not to waste time on Monday, as it is the first working day of the week. Go shopping and fix up your wardrobe.

Sunday: After rest, do week-long planning

Between a little afternoon sleep after Sunday brunch and a late night movie, make a list of goals for the next week. Where are you now, what do you want to achieve in the next six months and what are stopping you from reaching your goal. Make a rough plan and work on it.

Pic credit– pexels

Edited By: Priyanka Singh