Officer of Electrical Engineering Department in Bhopal arrested for taking bribe: Where the woman worked for 38 years, after death, sought bribe from her son for GPF clearance

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In the department where the woman worked for 38 years, the officer of the same department, after the death of the woman, demanded a bribe of 40 thousand rupees from her son for GPF clearance. He also threatened the son of not working if he did not get the bribe. The matter pertains to the Electrical Engineering Department of Bhopal’s Water Resources Department. The son of the deceased female employee agreed to pay the bribe and complained to the Lokayukta. The Lokayukta team laid a trap and arrested the establishment in-charge taking bribe.

Son’s pain… Mother served 38 years, after death asked me for bribe
My name is Siddharth Saxena. I am a resident of Jawahar Chowk. Auto parts business. My mother Neena Saxena (59) was posted as a tracer in the Executive Engineer Electricity Department, Kolar Road. Mother passed away on 18 June 2022. He served in the department for about 38 years. There was never any complaint against him in his entire career. My mother made me a nominee in the service record. After the death of my mother, I applied to the office of Executive Engineer, Electrical Engineering Department (Water Resources) Kolar Road for payment of GPF and other benefits. The application went to the establishment in-charge GK Pillai. who work together in my mother’s office. He kept calling me to the office for about 15 days. Later said that you are not Nina Saxena’s nominee in the service record. He kept shaking. After a week, he started hinting for bribes. He was not openly speaking about the bribe. Three days ago he openly said that 40 thousand rupees will be taken. Then there will be payment. I said there is too much money. How can I give so much money? On this Pillai told me in a threatening tone that your work cannot be done. I will not get the work done until I get the money. On this I agreed to pay the money. On September 20, I complained to Lokayukta SP Manu Vyas. The SP got the inquiry done. The complaint was found to be true. On Thursday morning, Pillai called me to bring a bribe to Milan restaurant MP Nagar. I came with money. The 10-member team of Lokayukta had already laid a trap. I gave 40 thousand rupees to Pillai. He put the money in his pants pocket. Then the Lokayukta team caught him red handed. He kept pleading, giving all the arguments for his escape.

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During the action, the officer kept staring at Siddharth.
Lokayukta police nabbed him under Milan Hotel. After this, she reached a room in the first floor of the hotel for further action. The police took off his pants, in which he had kept the bribe money. After this, mobile, belt, money kept for own expenses were recovered. During this, he kept staring at Siddharth. Lokayukta Inspector Manoj Patwa told that the accused had demanded bribe several times from the complainant. He was talking about clearing GPF only after getting the money.

The entire team of Lokayukta reached the hotel and started action on the spot.

Siddharth Neena’s younger son among two sons
Nina has two sons. Siddhartha is their younger son. In his name, the mother had made a nominee in the service book, which the establishment in-charge was refusing. He was asking for money for this. Siddharth told that Pillai knew his mother. I also said that the department in which mother served for so many years. demanding bribe for their work. On this Pillai used to say that no one can get the work done except me.

After being arrested, the officer kept pleading in front of the Lokayukta team.

If someone is asking for a bribe, then complain to the Lokayukta like this

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