On the second day also in Chambal, the ruckus on fertilizer: First SDM said – bring Aadhar card and acknowledgment, after 15 minutes said – it is over; Angry farmers staged a sit-in

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Even today farmers did not get fertilizer in Morena. The farmers were standing for fertilizer since 4 in the morning. Some farmers had come only at night. At 9:30 am, SDM Sanjeev Jain said that those farmers who have Kisan Kitab along with Aadhar card will get fertilizer. Exactly 15 minutes later, he announced that there was no manure. Will meet after Dussehra.

On hearing this, the farmers got angry and started quarreling with the SDM and the officials present there. Slogans of Murdabad were raised against the government. After this, Congress MLAs including Congress MLA Rakesh Mawai also reached there. He protested. ADM Narottam Bhargava reached the protest site. He explained to the farmers, then somewhere the farmers became calm.

The most outraged were the women farmers. These women were in line since morning, but they did not get manure. Many women along with their daughters-in-law and daughters had come to collect manure. Been in line since morning. When he came to know that the manure would not be available, his anger broke out.

HR women argued with
Women started calling SDM Sanjeev Jain good and bad. Sanjeev Jain explained to her but she was not ready to listen. He said that if there was no fertilizer, he would have informed earlier. The administration had declared that they have enough manure and there is no shortage of any kind of manure.

Angry woman came to collect manure with her daughter.

Angry farmers raised slogans of Murdabad
When the dam of patience of the farmers broke, they raised slogans of government’s death. The officers present there chased them away but they could only drive them away to some extent. The farmers said that why the government is keeping them in deceit. When there is no manure, it should be refused in advance, but on one hand the district administration is repeatedly saying that manure is present in sufficient quantity and on the other hand manure is not being given.

women sitting in line for manure

our crop is getting spoiled
Farmers told that their crops were getting spoiled. If they don’t get DAP fertilizer their crop will be ruined. He says that this is the basis of his life. If their agriculture is ruined, they will be nowhere to be found and they and their families will be left with no option but to die.

The manure being loaded into the truck from the warehouse, the farmer said – this is injustice
Farmers were queuing for manure at the window of the distribution center, on the other hand manure from the warehouse was being loaded into the truck. The farmers said that this is injustice to us. We are standing in line since a day, but we are not getting manure and black marketing of manure is being done from behind. In this regard, the district administration says that it is going to the fertilizer societies, because the people whose money is deposited on the societies will be given this fertilizer.

DAP manure kept inside warehouse

children were crying hungry and thirsty
His wife and children were also accompanying the farmers. The children were crying with hunger. He had not eaten or drank anything since morning. Most of the women were middle-aged and elderly. She had also come there only at four in the morning, but by 12 in the afternoon, she too started feeling hungry. These women and farmers were constantly cursing the district administration and the government and telling their helplessness.

MLA Rakesh Mawai on dharna.

Congressmen staged a sit-in
The Congressmen reached Mandi around 11.30 in the morning and staged a dharna under the tin shed. District President Deepak Sharma and other officials were present among the Congressmen. After a while, the regional MLA Rakesh Mawai reached there. ADM Narottam Bhargava reached there on behalf of the district administration. On this occasion, the Congressmen talked to the ADM about the supply of fertilizers, then the ADM told the shortage of fertilizers and talked about solving this problem soon.

ADM Bhargava arrived among the people sitting on the dharna.

Collector said – there is no shortage of manure, Murain collector Bakki Karthikeyan said that there is no shortage of manure in the district. Today fertilizer is being distributed everywhere except Morena city. The manure which was being loaded from the godown into the truck from behind is going to the societies. We have distributed fertilizers to 200 farmers on the basis of five bags each. Today eight hundred and fifty farmers have come. Manure has run out, due to which we have said that after Dussehra manure will come, then it will be distributed. Tomorrow, manure rack is being set up at Rairu in Gwalior, from there we will get 800 tonnes of manure tomorrow. After that one more rack is installed then the compost will be sufficient. After Dussehra, we will also increase the distribution center.


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