New Delhi, Jagran Bureau. To repeal the three new agricultural laws, the government has started preparations to get them passed by the Lok Sabha on the very first day of the winter session of Parliament. In this sequence, whip is being issued to all the MPs of NDA and BJP. The central government wants to fulfill the biggest demand of the agitating farmers by canceling the agricultural laws on the very first day. Through this step, the government will fulfill the promise made by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the farmers on November 19. The legislative process to include all three bills related to the withdrawal of agricultural laws in the agenda on the very first day of the winter session starting on Monday has been started.

Whip issued for BJP MPs to be present in the House

BJP MPs are being instructed by the party’s Chief Whip Rakesh Singh to be present in the house on that day compulsorily. There is no scope for opposition parties to put any impediment in passing the bill for the withdrawal of agricultural laws. The opposition, which had been supporting the farmers’ movement from the beginning, was adamant on the demand for the withdrawal of all three laws. The Union Cabinet had approved the three bills related to the withdrawal of agricultural laws on Wednesday itself.

Possibility of bringing a bill to repeal the law in the Lok Sabha first

As per the normal convention of parliamentary procedure, a bill for withdrawal of laws is usually introduced in the same House in which it has been passed earlier. Agricultural laws were first introduced and passed in the Lok Sabha last year itself. They were then passed in the Rajya Sabha amid huge uproar. Accordingly, the Bill regarding the withdrawal of agricultural laws has to be introduced in the Lok Sabha first. However, there is no restriction on the government. If she wants, she can also choose the path of Rajya Sabha first. But in view of the large numbers in the house, the option of Lok Sabha first is more suitable for the government.

Edited By: Arun Kumar Singh