Jagran Bureau, New Delhi. The confusion over the post of Congress President finally ended. Wounded by the BJP’s arrow of familism, the Gandhi family has pulled itself out of the race for the post of president and after more than two decades, the party will be headed by an outsider again. It is almost certain that the fight for the post of president will be between the party’s candidate Ashok Gehlot and MP Shashi Tharoor, who is often vocal about party policies.

Rahul out of race for President’s post

However, Gehlot is likely to become the chairman. He also started giving message indirectly as president and said that he is fortunate that not only Gandhi family but lakhs and crores of Congress workers of the country have faith in him. On Wednesday, party general secretary Jairam Ramesh clarified in a press conference that Rahul was out of the race for the post of president.

Rahul will be present only in India Jodo Yatra

“The nomination for the post of president is between September 24-30 and it will have to be done in Delhi by appearing in person,” he said. This cannot be done on Zoom. Whereas Rahul Gandhi will be present in the Bharat Jodo Yatra in the meantime. He may go to Delhi to meet his mother on September 23 but will return the same evening. On Thursday, the party will issue a notification for the presidential election.

Efforts to come out of the stamp of familyism

Obviously, after a long discussion in the party, it was decided that the party has to come out of the stamp of familyism. The way resolutions were being passed from the state units of different states to make Rahul Gandhi the president, it would have given the disgruntled camp an opportunity to attack that everything was pre-determined. Therefore, it was decided that Rahul should remain the face of the party and the organization should be given to someone else.

Sonia Gandhi remained inactive during former PM Narasimha Rao

The message of Rahul’s activism in the Bharat Jodo Yatra will be that he has the ability to lead and when the time comes, the right place will be given leadership. That is, Rahul has only distanced himself from the leadership of the organization. This message will be for everyone. This message is also important because Sonia Gandhi was inactive during the time of former party president and former PM Narasimha Rao. Rahul will not repeat the same mistake.

Gehlot met Sonia Gandhi

There is no doubt that Gehlot will be the candidate of the Gandhi family and the party. A day earlier, he had given an indirect indication of this by calling a meeting of MLAs in Rajasthan. After meeting Sonia Gandhi on Wednesday, he also took instructions and assured that he would move forward only by taking everyone into confidence. Talking to reporters outside, he said, “I will do whatever the party gives me.” Position doesn’t matter to me.

Gehlot is unable to leave Rajasthan’s fascination

Asked whether continuing as both the President and the Chief Minister of Rajasthan would not be violative of the Udaipur Resolution, he said if a person is a minister in a state, he can contest for the post of President while continuing in that post. . Obviously Gehlot is still unable to leave Rajasthan’s fascination but he said, ‘Time will tell where I will be. The party will benefit from my stay where I will stay.

Tharoor met Mistry

Shashi Tharoor also met Madhusudan Mistry, who was in charge of the election on Wednesday, and inquired about the election. He told that his representative will bring the nomination papers. It is clear that Tharoor is not ready to back down from the election and after more than two decades there will be competition for the post of president. Earlier, during Sitaram Kesari, three candidates were in the fray.

Edited By: Krishna Bihari Singh