New Delhi, Tech Desk. OnePlus has launched a new campaign ‘Stay Connected. Stay Smarter.’ Which gives a special message to the community and users. This campaign talks about disconnecting digitally on special occasions and strengthening the bonding between loved ones.

The bond of relationships can be strengthened by spending happy moments with loved ones, especially on a special occasion. Because this is the special time when loved ones have a lot to say, where we connect with family and share happiness with them. This is an important moment in our life and everyone wants to cherish this moment. But in today’s digital age, people of all ages are spending their time consuming different types of content. We see this type of habit also on special occasions, when someone wants to talk to you, wants to share happiness and you are enjoying some show on TV. However, the show can be watched on some other day too, but when there is a special occasion, disconnect yourself from your television for once and spend time with your loved ones. Like OnePlus’ new campaign ‘Stay Connected. Stay Smarter.’ can be seen in.

As a brand, OnePlus aims to offer the best to its users and the OnePlus TV U1S is one such unique and smart product whose technology delivers the best of a connected ecosystem experience. But at the same time, OnePlus wants users not to miss out on the best moments of their lives, especially with loved ones. Because when we enjoy life with loved ones, then the relationship becomes stronger. With this thinking, ‘Stay Connected. Stay Smarter.’ The campaign was launched. For this, the company has also created a unique and beautiful advertisement, in which Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor and his wife and celebrity Mira Kapoor have been seen.

Special occasions make people feel distanced from their digital world and strengthen their bond with their family. In this new OnePlus advertisement, Mira is watching her favorite show on OnePlus TV, in which she is taking advantage of the entire connected ecosystem of OnePlus. She has connected OnePlus TV U1S with OnePlus Buds Pro and is operating her TV seamlessly with OnePlus 10 Pro smartphone. Just then Shahid comes and tries to say something to Meera, but Meera is busy with the smart TV. Finally Shahid highlights that it is a special time of the year and points to the OnePlus TV. This is how he tries to say that there is a need to disconnect now. Meera understands his gesture and turns off the TV using the Google Voice Assistant.

As part of this campaign, OnePlus has brought to the fore the importance of love and relationships, where family matters to everyone. That’s why it’s important to give them time on special occasions, they’ll love it. OnePlus’s approach to relationships makes them one of the fastest growing brands in India. However, this cannot be possible without the support of the users. Hence ‘Stay Connected. Stay Smarter.’ Through the campaign, he is giving opportunities to the users, so that they can spend happy moments with their loved ones.

OnePlus has found tremendous success here after foraying into the smart TV segment in 2019. As per the latest Counterpoint India Smart TV Shipment Model Tracker report for the second quarter, the company has shown 123% annual growth and has emerged as the fastest growing smart TV brand in terms of shipments in the first half. Further, as per the report, the brand has joined the top three smart TV brands in India in the second quarter of 2022.

Writer- Shakti Singh

Edited By: Kritarth Sardana