Only 2 permanent teachers on 305 children, students outraged: Lock on the school gate, demanding teachers for 3 months

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Students of Satlewa School in Rajsamand locked the school gate demanding the teachers. The students shouted slogans sitting at the gate. Seeing the children performing, the parents also reached outside the school. Slogans were raised fiercely against the education department.

The secondary school of Satlewa village of Sishoda gram panchayat of Khamnore block of the district was upgraded to higher secondary in the session 2021. After that on Friday, the children demonstrated for the demand of increasing the teachers in the school.

Arjun Singh, resident of Satlewa village and school committee said that it was a matter of happiness for the villagers to upgrade the school. At the time of promotion, the school had a staff of 9 teachers. Later it was said that another staff would be sent here. After which at present there is a staff of only two permanent teachers for 305 children. One teacher will retire in October and the other teacher is PTI, who has also been given the work of BLO.

Apart from this, the department has also put 4 teachers on deputation here. He does not teach for the whole month. After teaching for a few days, they are posted elsewhere. In such a situation, the education of the children is getting ruined. Complaints are being made for this for the last 3 months. But no one was paying attention. Today the children got angry. He reached at 7.30 in the morning and locked the school gate. The children did not allow the teachers to enter the school.

There is only one demand of the children that permanent teachers of all subjects should be installed here so that studies can be regular. There are more girls to boys ratio in the school. After the children’s demonstration, Nagendra Mehta, a representative of the Education Department from Khamnor, reached the spot and explained to the children, but the children remained adamant on the insistence of having teachers.

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