Paris, Reuters. The outbreak of corona virus has increased significantly in France. There has been such an increase in active cases within 24 hours, which is creating fear in the minds of people. The country’s health officials said on Monday that in just 24 hours, the number of corona infected admitted for treatment in ICU increased from 67 to 1409. This increase has been seen after 30 September.

Cases also increased in Africa

The total cases of Kovid-19 in Africa are 8,582,983. The Africa Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (Africa CDC) said that a total of 221,721 infected people have died here so far. Cases of infection are high in South Africa, Morocco, Tunisia and Ethiopia.

So far 257,520,965 people have been infected all over the world and 5,150,520 infected have died due to the corona virus that originated from China at the end of 2019. Although vaccination is going on around the world to prevent this and so far a total of 7,392,037,014 have been vaccinated. The worst condition since the beginning of the epidemic is in America, where a total of 47,730,591 have been affected by Corona and 771,118 have died.

Edited By: Monika Minal