Paddy crop ruined due to rain in Govardhan: Paddy crop submerged in water, double the money spent in harvesting

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The continuous rain in Govardhan for 3 days has increased the concern of the farmers. About 70 bighas of paddy crop around the town was destroyed due to rain. Farmers now fear delay in sowing of potato and rabi crops.

The rain has broken the back of the farmers of village Ading. Due to the wrath of nature, the farmers have been worried.

water on the hard work of farmers

The rain ruined the paddy crop that was ready in the fields. Farmers said that up to 75 percent of the crop has been destroyed due to rain. Farmers are forced to somehow cut the paddy crop that has fallen in the fields submerged in rain water and dry it on the roads and open places.

Yield was expected to be good

According to the farmers, the weather favored the paddy crop from the very beginning. At this time the crop was flourishing. The yield was expected to be quite good. But due to incessant rains, they have suffered a lot. Paddy crop has been submerged in water due to rain. Now farmers will find it difficult to prepare the field for Rabi crops including potato cultivation in time.

rice paddy crop

Farmers are facing a lot of trouble in harvesting paddy due to waterlogging in deep fields. Paddy crop is fully ripe. Farmers are forced to get paddy harvested by paying double wages. Farmers of Ading Sahab Singh, Niranjan, Manoj, Kedar, Bhola, Rambabu, Kamal Singh, Bhagwan Singh, Nem Singh, Mukesh, Dinesh and Sanjay etc. have appealed to the administration for help.

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