Islamabad, ANI. Pakistan’s Finance Minister Shaukat Tarin said on Monday that Pakistan’s involvement in the two Afghan wars destabilized the country’s economy and affected the country’s people’s income. He made the remarks while speaking at the annual festival of the Alumni Association of the Panjab University Institute of Business Administration on Saturday, Dawn newspaper reported.

He said Pakistan participated in two wars in Afghanistan – one during the 1980s and the ‘War on Terror’ launched by the US during the Bush administration. The minister said that the present Pakistani government has prepared short, medium and long term plans for national development. Tarin said the country needs inclusive and sustainable development and needs to focus on increasing revenues and growing productive sectors. He said that only development can help Pakistan avoid programs of International Monetary Fund (IMF) and World Bank.

The minister said Pakistan’s economy was much better than South Korea in the 1960s, but currently the per capita income in Pakistan is $1,500, which is much lower than South Korea’s per capita income. The statement comes at a time when Pakistan portrays itself as a victim of the war in Afghanistan.

Pakistan has said that it has suffered the most from the Afghanistan war. It has insisted it has caused more than 80,000 casualties and more than US$150 billion in economic losses. In September Pakistan’s Foreign Office spokesman Asim Iftikhar Ahmed said that after Afghanistan, Pakistan has suffered the most, which has been the worst victim of the Afghan conflict for decades. He had said, “Pakistan has suffered the most in all countries of the world, with more than 80,000 casualties and economic losses of more than US $ 150 billion.”

Edited By: Neel Rajput