Islamabad, ANI. Amidst Pakistan’s poor economic condition, the Union Climate Change Minister Sherry Rehman on Wednesday blamed the policies of former Prime Minister Imran Khan for this. He said that today we are bound to make the budget according to the IMF, apart from this the country has no option. According to Dawn newspaper, during the discussion on the budget in the National Assembly of Pakistan, Minister Rehman said that it is definitely the budget of the IMF, there is no doubt about it.

Sherry Rehman blames former PM Imran Khan’s policies

Apart from the climate change minister, other ministers also blamed the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party government and its head former Prime Minister Imran Khan for the current economic condition. Sherry Rahman alleged that if this is the IMF budget, then who has connected us with the IMF? The PTI government during its four-year rule led the country to bankruptcy. He further said that PTI was waiting to create chaos in the country even after leaving its economy on ventilator.

The minister justified his party’s decision to form the government after ousting Imran Khan, knowing that he might have to pay a heavy price for the next general elections, and warned that the country would go bankrupt like Sri Lanka. moving forward.

Rehman said that Pakistan was moving downhill like a train on a slippery slope. The new unity government has only applied brakes and done nothing. This is called crisis management. He said that no government wants to impose any burden on the people. At the same time, he told the House that the country will have to take some more tough decisions.

According to Dan, Rahman claimed that the PTI government linked the new government to the worst IMF agreement and then violated it, leaving the country exposed to the entire multilateral financial system.

He said that unfortunately even after the collapse of the economy, especially now, they continue to fuel the fire of political instability in the country, which is very dangerous for Pakistan. When they (PTI government) came to power, they said that they will end corruption. Instead Pakistan is now ranked 140th on the Transparency International Corruption Index from 117th. Let us not forget those exotic gifts that Imran Khan bought at huge discounts only to sell them abroad.

Rahman told PTI, the government made promises with the IMF, took loans and spent money on unsustainable programs. The minister said that PTI has left a cup of poison for us, but as it has happened in the last two months, this government will take tough decisions, we will have more difficult times before we stabilize. He said that in 70 years different governments negotiated around 23 IMF programmes, but always tried to put minimum burden on the common man.

How will Pakistan come out of this cycle trapped in debt trap: Ayaz

Pakistan columnist Ayaz Amir has written, questioning the Pakistani rulers, ‘I want to ask the incompetent and failed rulers of the country, how will they get the country out of the current economic problems, when the government is in the next debt trap to pay off the previous debt. Getting stuck. Ayaz, who writes for Pakistan’s local Duniya Daily, wrote in his column, this cycle is never going to end. Today the government has reached such a condition that no one is ready to give loans. Meanwhile, China has negotiated hard on its debt and other investments in Pakistan.

Edited By: Arun Kumar Singh