Pakistan Electricity Breakdown: Craving for grains, Pakistan is now immersed in darkness! power failure for several hours

WorldPakistan Electricity Breakdown: Craving for grains, Pakistan is now immersed in darkness!...
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Pakistan Electricity Breakdown: The pauper’s attack and China’s trickery have pushed Pakistan into darkness. Pakistan, which is already yearning for food and drink, has now plunged into darkness. Power crisis has arisen in many cities of Pakistan including Islamabad, Karachi and Lahore. It is being told that due to breakage of two transmission lines, electricity was cut in many cities. There is power failure in these cities for several hours.

According to media reports, there has been a fault in the high-tension transmission lines between Quetta and Guddu. Due to this a large part of Pakistan has been plunged into darkness. There is no electricity in 22 districts of Balochistan including Quetta. Important parts of Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi were left without power for hours. People in these areas have been seen grappling with the crisis of power cuts.

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There has also been a response from Pakistan’s electricity supply company Quetta Electric. K-Electric spokesperson Imran Rana said in a Twitter post, “Reports of power failure are coming in from various parts of the city. We are investigating this matter and will give information about this place. According to the Quetta Electric Supply Company (QESCO), two transmission lines from Guddu to Quetta were snapped.

Pakistan Energy Ministry’s statement on power crisis

On the other hand, the statement of the Ministry of Energy has also come on the power crisis in Pakistan. According to ANI, Pakistan’s Ministry of Energy has said, ‘Preliminary information has emerged that the system frequency of the National Grid went down at 7:34 am today, causing a widespread fault in the power system. System maintenance work is progressing rapidly.

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