Karachi, Agency. Pakistan Floods: Floods have wreaked havoc in Pakistan. The people there are now battling the outbreak of water-borne diseases. Officials said on Wednesday that the situation could spiral out of control if necessary assistance does not arrive. Skin infections, diarrhea and malaria are spreading in the flood-affected areas, causing 324 people to lose their lives so far.

people drinking dirty water

Hundreds of people displaced by the floods are living in the open. It may take two to six months for the condition to return to normal. The stagnant waters of the flood have given rise to serious health issues. Pakistan’s weak health system has already been exposed. Displaced families have complained of being forced to drink dirty water and cook food from it.

‘You have to drink water to survive’

Flood victim Ghulam Rasool told local Geo News TV, ‘We know it can make us sick, but what to do, we have to drink it to survive.’ “Aid is slow,” said Dr Farah Nairn, country director of the Mercy Corps for Pakistan, after visiting several submerged areas.

“We need to work in a coordinated manner to respond to their immediate needs,” Farah Nairn said in a statement late Monday. He said that health and nutrition is the most important need of the displaced population.

six people died

The southern Sindh provincial government said on Wednesday that health facilities and mobile camps in the flooded areas had treated more than 78,000 patients in the past 24 hours and more than two million patients since July 1, six of whom died.

The country’s disaster management agency said on Wednesday that the deaths were not among the 1569 people who died in the flash floods, including 555 children and 320 women. Pakistan has received three times more rain this year than the three-decade average.

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Edited By: Achyut Kumar