Islamabad, Agencies. Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan admitted in a program on Tuesday that the economic condition of the country is very bad. He also said that the government does not have money to run the country. Rising foreign debt and low tax collection have become issues of national security. Addressing the inauguration ceremony of the Track and Trace System (TTS) of the Federal Bureau of Revenue (FBR) for the sugar industry in Islamabad, Imran said that our biggest problem is that we do not have enough money to run our country. Because of which we have to take loans.

Foreign debt and low tax collection became an issue of ‘national security’

While addressing the program further, Imran Khan said that due to lack of resources, the government is able to spend very little for the betterment of the people. He said rising foreign debt and low tax collection has become an issue of “national security”. He regretted that the prevailing culture of non-payment of taxes is going on since the colonial times. People did not like to pay taxes, because they felt that money was not spent on them. He said that due to the failure to generate local resources, the previous governments resorted to debt.

Imran criticized previous governments

Imran Khan said that his government has received foreign debt of $ 3.8 billion in the last four months. He also criticized the previous two governments from 2009 to 2018 for taking massive loans. He said Pakistan can only remove the ‘vicious circle’ of debt by paying taxes. He praised FBR for increasing tax collection. Also said that this year a target of achieving tax of Rs 8 trillion has been set.

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