Bhubaneswar, PTI. All the teams are reaching one by one to play the Junior Hockey World Cup being organized in India. Pakistan’s junior team also stepped into India for this mega tournament to be held in Odisha. On Sunday, the team reached here with full preparation and a day later the captain also gave a statement about the tournament.

Pakistan junior hockey team captain Abdul Rana on Monday said that his team will surprise the entire world with its performance in the upcoming World Cup. The junior team has come to India to play the Junior World Cup, which will be played in Bhubaneswar from Wednesday.

Abdul said, “Our government and senior officials of the federation are making a lot of efforts. We are sure that Pakistani hockey will be better in the next one or two years. Our team will play well in this tournament as well. You will see change in Pakistan Hockey. I am sure Pakistan will surprise the whole world with its hockey.

Coach Danish Kalim also echoed his tone but said that the lack of employment has caused the loss of hockey in Pakistan. “There are many reasons for the decline of Pakistan hockey, but all I can say is that the preparations for the senior and junior teams have already started. The top officials are very professional who are preparing the team and in the next three years, better results will start coming. There are not enough jobs in the department, which makes the youth shy away from playing hockey. This is also one of the reasons for the decline of hockey but our government is making efforts in this direction.

Edited By: Viplove Kumar