Panipat, Jagran Correspondent. MP Sanjay Bhatia, DC Sushil Sarwan inaugurated the 27th Exhibition of Knit World International at Mittal Mega Mall, Panipat by lighting the lamp. The MP inspected the textile machinery stalls. He said that it was nice to see the machinery made under Make in India on the stalls which are installed in the exhibition. This will give a boost to the domestic industries here, the dependence on machinery of other countries will be reduced. The MP was accompanied by Surendra Bhardwaj, District BJP President Dr. Archana Gupta.

22 stalls of machinery set up

22 stalls of knitting, weaving and spinning machines were set up in the exhibition. In which Jaccard Loom, Sewing Machine to Rapier Loom, Power Loom, Jute Loom Warping, Dabi Machine were displayed. Machinery from two lakh to five lakh was displayed. Carpet making, designing, cutting of mink blanket, shortening machine became the center of attraction. Hemant Rohila of Radhika Sewing Machine Company said that now mink and polar blanket entrepreneurs do not have to go to Ludhiana, Delhi for cutting, shortening, sewing. All type of Sewing Machine type is available with Black Closure Trolley Stand. Earlier it was imported from China. Kansai Made in Japan made machines have also been provided for applying the shortening.

fire hair bunny charm

Incidents of fire in textile factories are increasing continuously. Aryan Enterprises of Fire Hydrant System has set up a stall as a first aid to douse the fire and prevent the fire from the beginning. Harish Kumar, MD, Aryan Enterprises said that fire ball has become the first choice of the entrepreneurs who came to the stall. Place the fire ball on the power panel, this ball will automatically extinguish the fire as soon as a fire starts. Throw this fire ball where you will not be able to reach in case of fire, the chemical that extinguishes the fire will spread in it. The fire will be brought under control initially. Now installation of fire hydrant system in industries has also been made mandatory. Without this NOC is not available. Fire hydrant system is installed in the industries, so it gets activated automatically when it reaches a temperature of 68 degrees in case of fire. The fire can be contained at the beginning.

26 exhibitions were held in Ludhiana

Manoj Aggarwal, Manager, Knit World International Exhibition said that firms from Delhi, Ludhiana and Panipat have participated in the exhibition. From Printing to Jaccard, Loom is on display here. Some more company has to come from Ludhiana. So far we have organized 26 exhibitions in Ludhiana. Beginning in Panipat.

Edited By: Naveen Dalal