Agra, Jagran Correspondent. Now as the police investigation is progressing in the B.Sc third year paper leak case, the layers are getting exposed. An important role of a coaching operator has come to the fore in the investigation of the police. He had shared the paper before the exam on WhatsApp to the students. Along with the college manager, the role of his two relatives and college teacher is also being considered in the paper leak case. Police is now raiding in search of five people including the manager.

A case of BSc third year paper leak was caught on May 11 in Agra College. After this, a case was registered by the college at Lahamandi police station. On May 14, the matter of paper leak came to the fore again. After this, the second case was registered at Lohamandi police station. The paper had arrived on the WhatsApp of some students even before the exam. In this case it is located on Sadhan Road of Achhnera.

The police investigation reached Shri Harcharan Lal Verma Mahavidyalaya. The principal of the college, Anek Singh, was arrested and busted by the police. He was sent to jail. During his interrogation, many facts came in front of the police. After their verification, now the police investigation is proceeding further. According to police sources, Brihmajeet, the owner of Brihma Coaching Center located opposite Agra College, also had an important role in this case. Anek Singh did the photo of the paper from his college with mobile. After this, he had WhatsApped this paper to Brahmajit at the behest of the manager. It was Brihmajeet who shared the paper on WhatsApp to the students. Two relatives of the manager and the teacher of the college were also involved in this game. Police is raiding in search of all of them, but so far no hand has come. SP City Vikas Kumar said that the people whose names have come up in the investigation are being searched. Efforts are being made to arrest him soon.

Police reached to investigate nodal center

In the college of Achhnera from where the paper was leaked, the paper was sent from BVRI, the nodal center in Bichpuri. Now the nodal center has also come under the investigation of the police. On Saturday, the police team also reached there to investigate. At what time was the paper sent to the college from there? At what time before this, in which college was the paper sent? Also asked for this information.

Edited By: Tanu Gupta