Parties that have lost their democratic character cannot protect democracy: PM Modi

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Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Friday launched a veiled attack on opposition parties including the Congress, calling family parties a matter of concern for political parties devoted to the Constitution and claimed that parties that have lost their democratic character cannot protect democracy. .

Addressing the Constitution Day function in the Central Hall of Parliament, the Prime Minister also slammed the parties boycotting the event without naming any particular party and expressed concern that freedom fighters like Babasaheb Ambedkar, the architect of the Constitution. This country will not accept the non-remembering of the contribution of the fighters and the “sense of protest” against them.

He said that the incidents of hurting the sentiments of the Constitution cannot be ignored, therefore political parties should evaluate themselves by celebrating Constitution Day every year.

“It would have been good that after the country became independent… after January 26 (after the Constitution came into force)… the tradition of celebrating Constitution Day would have started in the country,” he said.

He said that if this were the case, the Constitution as a living entity and a social document would have been used from generation to generation as a great force.

“But some people missed it,” he said.

The Prime Minister said that when he had proposed in the Parliament in 2015 to celebrate the Constitution Day on the 125th birth anniversary of Babasaheb Ambedkar, it was also opposed.

“The protest is happening even today… it happened that day too. Be it the name of Babasaheb Ambedkar and a feeling of opposition arises in your mind, the country is not ready to listen to it. Even now with a big heart, not being ready to remember openly what sages like Baba Saheb Ambedkar have given to the country, it is a matter of concern.

It is to be known that MPs of Congress and many other opposition parties were not present in today’s program of Constitution Day.

Referring to the importance of political parties in the constitutional democratic tradition of India, the Prime Minister said that they are also a major medium for conveying the sentiments of the Constitution to the masses.

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He said, “…But the spirit of the Constitution has also been hurt, every section of the Constitution has also been hurt when political parties, in themselves, lose their democratic character. How can parties that have lost their democratic character protect democracy?

Without naming any party, he said that if today’s political parties are seen from Kashmir to Kanyakumari, then India is heading towards such a crisis, which is of concern to the people who are devoted to the Constitution and have faith in democracy. subject is.

“…and that is family parties…political parties…party for the family, party by the family…now I don’t feel the need to say further,” he said.

“Look at the political parties from Kashmir to Kanyakumari. It is against the spirit of democracy. This is contrary to what the Constitution tells us.

He also explained family parties and said that on the basis of merit and with the blessings of the public, more than one person from a family should go into politics, this does not make the party family-oriented.

He said, “But the party which continues to run the same family from generation to generation, if the entire system of the party remains with the families, then it is the biggest crisis for a healthy democracy.”

He stressed on the need to bring awareness about this in the country and mentioned a similar experiment in Japan and said, “In order to prosper democracy, we also need to go towards such things in our country, worry There is a need to do this, there is a need to wake up the countrymen.

The Prime Minister also raised the issue of corruption in politics in his address and expressed concern over the alleged glorification of those convicted due to “political interests”.

“Do we have to create such a social order? The crime of corruption that has been proven may be given a chance to rectify it, but the competition to give it prestige in public life, I think, in itself compels newcomers to go on the path of plunder . We need to be worried.”

Referring to the “Amrit Mahotsav” being celebrated in the country on the occasion of 75 years of independence, the Prime Minister urged the countrymen to walk on the path of duty.

He said that the Father of the Nation, Mahatma Gandhi had also tried to prepare the country for ideas and duties like cleanliness, education, women empowerment, even while fighting for rights in the freedom movement.

He said that the seeds of duty sown by Mahatma Gandhi after independence were yet to become a banyan tree, but unfortunately the system of governance was such that it only talked about rights and misled the public.

He said, “It would have been better if after the independence of the country the emphasis was on duty, then rights would have been automatically protected, because duty gives a sense of responsibility and social responsibility, whereas right sometimes implies a sense of urgency. There is an understanding.

He said that in the nectar festival of freedom, it is necessary for us to move forward on the path of duty so that rights are protected and rights are also given with respect.

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At the beginning of his address, the Prime Minister paid tribute to the framers of the Constitution and remembered the freedom fighters.

Referring to the Mumbai terror attack, the Prime Minister said, “26/11 is a sad day for us, because on this day the enemies of the country carried out the terrorist attack in Mumbai.”

Modi paid tributes to the security personnel who laid down their lives while protecting the nation during the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks.

The program began with a welcome address by Parliamentary Affairs Minister Prahladjoshi and was followed by Lok Sabha Speaker Om Birla, Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu and then President Ram Nath Kovind.

It is to be known that Constitution Day is celebrated on 26 November because on this day in 1949, the Constituent Assembly adopted the Constitution of India. Constitution Day was started from 2015. The Constitution of India came into force on 26 January 1950.


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