Hague, AP. Cases of corona infection have started increasing in many countries of Europe including Austria, Russia, Netherlands and Czech Republic. To prevent the spread of infection, restrictions have been imposed again in many countries. The protests against the restrictions have also started. In the Netherlands and Austria, people took to the streets in large numbers and vandalized and set fire to offices. Many people including policemen were injured in this.

In view of the increasing infection, restrictions have been imposed in the city of Rotterdam, Netherlands. In protest against this, a large number of people took to the streets on Friday and demonstrated. The protesters ransacked several offices and set a police vehicle on fire. The police had to open fire to bring the situation under control. Seven people including policemen were injured in this violent demonstration. Two protesters injured by bullets have been admitted to hospital in critical condition. Police have arrested 51 people, of whom more than half are minors. The Law Minister of the Netherlands has condemned the incident and called for strict action against the protesters. In the Netherlands in January this year, when curfew was imposed in many areas, people also protested heavily.

In Austria’s capital Vienna, about 35,000 people marched against the Corona restrictions that have been in force since Monday. The government has announced to impose lockdown for 10 days from Monday, which can extend up to 20 days. The government has also apologized to the people who got vaccinated for the troubles caused by the restrictions. The Austrian government has made vaccination mandatory for all from February 1 next year. The protest has started from Saturday itself. The main opposition party has also supported the protest. Along with Austria, protests against the restrictions have also started in Switzerland, Croatia and Italy. About two thousand people demonstrated on Saturday in Zurich, Switzerland.

Explosive situation in Italy and Britain also

In many countries of Europe, the situation of corona infection is becoming explosive. On Saturday, 40,941 new cases were found in Britain and 150 people have died. A day earlier, 157 people had lost their lives. In Italy also 49 people have died and 11,555 new cases have been found. According to the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic, for the second time this week, the highest number of 22,936 new cases were found on Friday, which is 500 more than the previous recorded cases on Tuesday. On Thursday, 110 people also died due to the epidemic. For the first time since April, more than 100 people have died. A record 1,254 people have also died in Russia in the last 24 hours due to Corona virus. So far 2,62,843 people have lost their lives due to this epidemic. During this 37,120 new infected have been found.

Edited By: Manish Pandey