Permission not given: Organizers have to go to government offices for 15 days for staging Ramlila

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Organizations staging Ramlila have to do Mahabharata before Ramlila. For staging Ramlila, the process of permission given by the administration is very complicated, due to which the government offices have to travel for 10 to 15 days. Ramlilas are to be staged on Thursday night, but till Wednesday no one is allowed in their hands. After this, the organizers will also have to arrange for sound permission and electricity connection. In such a situation, seeing what is happening with the organizers, it can be said that they have to do Mahabharata before Ramlila. First of all the organizers will apply to the MA branch in the DC office. After that, reports will start being made on two routes from there.

According to one way, after reporting from MA branch to SDM, SDM to Tehsildar, Tehsildar to Patwari, Patwari to Kanungo, then it will go in fileup, according to which Kanungo to Patwari, Patwari to Tehsildar, Tehsildar to SDM, SDM to MA branch report Will travel Similarly, the report going from the other way down will be prepared from MA Branch to Police Office, from there to Security Branch, Security Branch to DSP, DSP to Police Station, from the concerned police station to the spot, after which the report will go to the SHO. . Then on the down side the report will go to the up and finally it will come to the SA branch. On the basis of both the reports the MA branch will come to the Superintendent, GA, ADC DC Revert MA branch. Then permission will be issued from MA branch. ,

Sound permission is given on the basis of the permission of the stage. On the basis of this permission, an application has to be made to the facility to get permission for sound. After getting the report from the Facilitation Center to the SDM, then permission will be given from the Facilitation Center. After these two, an application can be made to the electricity department to get the RG meter installed. During all these processes, if the staff or officers are not available on any seat, then the process gets delayed by a day. Let us tell you that 11 files for staging Ramlilas in Ferozepur city and cantonment are currently doing Mahabharata.

Similarly, again these organizers will have to take separate permission for Dussehra festival. Joga Singh, Kailash Sharma, Vijay Monga, Vikas Kumar, etc., who are exercising to get permission from various organizations, told that the permission process for staging Ramlila is so complicated that we have to walk in government offices for 15 days, this The process should be simplified.

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